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Putin & Trump's Party at American Legend on New Year's Eve

  Celebrate New Year's Eve as you've never done before at Putin & Trump's Party at American Legend Bar and Grill, a newly opened 1950s American-style bar in Xiamen Paragon Center on December 31st.   The bar which opened at early December is preparing a special menu for the occasion of New Year.     About American Legend Bar and Grill   The new venue, located on the ground floor of Crowne Plaza, was launched by Uncle Su, the legendary proprietor of the famous 1801 Club. Different from its nightclub sibling, American Legend features a......Read More

  What's On - Latest News
  Putin & Trump's Party at American Legend on New Year's Eve 30 Dec 2016
  Top U.S. Consul Chuck Bennett in Xiamen to meet U.S. citizens 27 Nov 2015
  All Xiamen Expatriates (AXE) holds charity donation in CBD cafe 14 Feb 2015
  Free sign language training at H&N cafe bar in Huli Wanda 18 Nov 2014
  One hour free beer drink at Moonlight Bar on August 8 08 Aug 2013
  Anne Hathaway movie month at Rendezvous café this November 06 Nov 2012
  Havana Latin Restaurant, JJ Bar & Grill ready for Halloween Party 10 Oct 2012
  Friday Party @ Qba of The Westin Xiamen 24 Sep 2012
  Wine tasting at GEO GEO, a special treat on Sunday Aug 26 24 Jul 2012
  Rooftop electric music party at YinBar in Xiamen Feb 18 16 Feb 2012
  AXE lunch buffet at Coyote and Cantina in Xiamen on Nov 8 05 Nov 2011
  AXE's Friday at CBD Cafe, Xiamen 21 Sep 2011
  China's biggest-ever Starbucks begins trial operation in Xiamen 30 Dec 2010
  Enjoy an authentic Russian-style New Year party at The House 1 27 Dec 2010
  Coyote's 2nd Year Birthday Party on Nov 13, 2010 10 Nov 2010
  2010 Halloween at KK Disco Club & The Key Club 28 Oct 2010
  US R&B singer Jeremih Felton to give performance in Xiamen 20 Oct 2010
   J.J. Bar & Grill to celebrate Mexican Independence Day 11 Sep 2010
  What's On - Latest Events
  Events at Antoine's Oct - Nov 2009 13 Oct 2009
  Prelude - Xiamen Underground Electronic Music 02 Jul 2007
  What's on at Haiwan Park, Xiamen 14 May 2007
 What's On - Special Events

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