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International Enrollment at Xiamen City University

    Electromechanical Equipment Maintenance and Management  (Aircraft Maintenance)     Goals:  Electromechanical Equipment Maintenance and Management (Aircraft Maintenance) aims to foster high-caliber skilled talents with a good command of the professional knowledge and vocational skills necessary for the positions of aircraft electromechanical equipment maintenance. The graduates are expected to be eligible for aircraft electromechanical equipment maintenance and repair, routine maintenance,......Read More

  What's On - Latest News
  International Enrollment at Xiamen City University 29 Jan 2019
  Work in the paradise, teaching jobs in Sanya 17 Jul 2018
  Offer a home to a stray dog or cat at Xiamen Adoption Day 17 Apr 2018
  SCO security: 8 nations hold anti-cyber-terrorism drill in Amoy 12 Dec 2017
  Things to know & changes in Xiamen in May 03 May 2017
  Home for cute dogs, adopt them at Afu Shelter's 4th event at JFC 19 Apr 2017
  Cycling promo, free public bikes provided by ofo in Xiamen 20 Mar 2017
  Vote for your favorite Halloween costume photos 15 Nov 2016
  U.S. Consulate, voters to meet at JJ for USA General Election 19 Feb 2016
  'Cathay' tulips to debut in Tulip Exhibition in Xiamen 24 Dec 2015
  2015 Xiamen Int'l Fashion Week features 20 catwalk shows 14 Dec 2015
  Family vacation photo competition for charity 14 Aug 2015
  7th Cross-Strait Forum to kick off on June 13 14 May 2015
  Annual air-raid drill to take place in Xiamen on May 10 29 Apr 2015
  Winners of 2014 WOX (Tiger Beer) Halloween Photo Contest 02 Dec 2014
  Guanren Fashion Icon Party held in Marco Polo Xiamen 02 Dec 2014
  ICCME 2014 to be held in Xiamen on Dec. 13-14 01 Dec 2014
  Cloud Computing in Financial Institutions 2014 to be held in Xiamen 17 Nov 2014
  What's On - Latest Events
  International CowParade in Xiamen 02 Jan 2010
  Smart Hero Club extends its closing date for Bar Naming 23 Mar 2009
 What's On - Special Events

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