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What is HIP?

Hospitality Industry Professionals or HIP is a not-for-profit association established by hospitality industry leaders to create better communication & networking opportunities.   HIP provides a platform for professionals to keep ahead of industry developments, share knowledge and exchange ideas.   HIP promotes cooperation & partnership between industry players including hoteliers, travel, tour & airline operators, plus restaurants, caterers, suppliers & other related service industry groups. HIP's aims include to work closely......Read More

  HIP News
  Asia Hospitality Staff - Vacuum' Prompts Rethink  01 Jul 2007
  Asia, Asia, Asia, Oi, Oi, Oi! 17 Jun 2007
  What is HIP? 27 May 2007
  Hospitality Industry Professionals HIP now has a new home! 11 May 2007
  HIP Events
  Works of Video animation, 2D & 3D sculpture imaging in Xiamen 19 Oct 2007
  HIP Special Event on May 8th 2007 29 Apr 2007
  HIP May 8 20 Apr 2007
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