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Special Events
Send in your photos - 2015 WOX Halloween Costume Contest

    Photo Contest for the 2015 WOX Halloween Costume Bash begins! No matter whether you're a professional or an amateur, and no matter if you use an SLR camera or your mobile phone, if you’re interested in photography, please join us for the WOX Halloween photo contest! Big prizes are prepared for photographers who win in the online voting competition after the party, and the model who is featured in the first-prize winning photo will receive an SPA voucher at ITAO SPA (valued at 300 RMB) as a prize. Prizes for photographers who win in the online voting......Read More

  What's On - Latest News
  Enjoy free pizza & drinks at Cut & Eat Pizza Shop Amoy's 1st anni. party 17 May 2018
  Send in your photos - 2015 WOX Halloween Costume Contest 04 Nov 2015
  AXE charity: Video presentation of Anhui charity school at Ritz Bar  06 Apr 2015
  Wild & crazy New Year's Eve Party at ShaPoWei Art Zone 12 Dec 2014
  Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej's 87th birthday celebration held in Xiamen 09 Dec 2014
  6th Guanren Community Charity Market to be held on Dec 14 08 Dec 2014
  Handmade-only craft fair at Daring Duck Beach on Nov. 30 18 Nov 2014
  Xiamen Int'l Fashion Week - Looking for fashion icon at Guanren Community 14 Nov 2014
  2014 WOX (Tiger Beer) Halloween Costume Bash - Photo Contest 28 Oct 2014
  'Gulangyu in a Snapshot': Gulangyu launches photo contest 27 Jun 2014
  Xiamen's 1st 'Total Cup' Pet Dog Sports Games proves sporting fun 19 Nov 2013
  Donate goods for typhoon-hit Philippines at V58 & Bench store 15 Nov 2013
  Lecture on health preservation & TCM at Sudu Zen restaurant 08 Nov 2013
  Tracking photos for 2013 WOX Halloween Most Creative contest  30 Oct 2013
  Special Latin Valentine dinner at Havana Xiamen tonight 13 Aug 2013
  Win big prizes at Phoenix Flower Photo Contest 2013 26 Jul 2013
  Luxury wedding show staged at Marco Polo Xiamen Hotel 03 May 2013
  Xiangshan Temple Fair to be held in Xiang'an district on Feb 15 12 Feb 2013
  What's On - Latest Events
  The No.15 run of the Xiamen International Hash House Harriers 10 Feb 2009
  Summer Night BBQ Party !!! 03 Jun 2008
  Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch Relay in Xiamen 12 May 2008
  Christmas Day Wine Dinner at Indiano John's 21 Dec 2007
  Indiano John's Christmas Eve Dinner Buffet 21 Dec 2007
  EBS Pre-Christmas Party this Friday @ 7pm 04 Dec 2007
  My Living Room 20-60% Discount 30 Nov 2007
  WOX at Play at My Living Room on Saturday, 17th Nov 12 Nov 2007
  WOX at play on Friday night (9th Nov07) at Deutsches Eck 07 Nov 2007
  The all New Deutsches eck of Xiamen 05 Nov 2007
 What's On - Special Events

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