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2 dried shrimp recipes by TCM to ease lower back pain

Updated: 10 Mar 2010
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Lower back pain is very common among elderly Chinese people today, according to Dr Jiang Zaifeng, TCM doctor of the Acupuncture and TCM Massage Department of Liangchen Community Health Center.

Eating calcium-rich foods and taking calcium supplements are helpful, according to Dr Jiang.

Dried shrimps are rich in calcium for the bones and magnesium, which can help heart function and reduce cholesterol. The heart benefits include helping prevent high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries.

Eating a lot of shrimp can also help soothe the nerves.

Traditional Chinese medicine considers shrimp to be a mildly warm (yang energy) food that reinforces kidney function (reproductive and urinary tract systems), regulates energy and improves the appetite.

It is suitable for most people and especially recommended for pregnant women and elderly people, as well as those with cardiovascular problems and male infertility.

Many people with allergies and acute skin rash should avoid eating shrimp. Check with a doctor.

1.) Towel gourd (sigua丝瓜) and dried shrimp congee


Ingredients: towel gourd (150g), dried shrimp (30g), rice (100g)


- - Wash and chop towel gourd, wash and soak shrimp for 10 minutes.

- - Make congee with rice, ginger, green onion and salt.

- - Add gourd slices and shrimp when congee almost done.

- - Cook until ready, add salt and sesame oil to season.

Benefits: Dispels pathogenic heat, acts as diuretic, reinforces kidney and yang energy.

2.) Purple seaweed, egg and shrimp soup

Ingredients: dried purple seaweed (10g), dried shrimp (10g), and eggs (60g)
- - Wash and chop seaweed, break and stir eggs, wash shrimp and soak in yellow wine for 10 minutes.
- - Heat oil in pan, add soy sauce and bowl of water.
- - Add purple seaweed and shrimp, cook for 10 minutes.
- - Add egg and vinegar; stir gently.
- - Season with salt and sesame oil when egg is cooked.
Benefits: In addition to calcium, it contains micro-elements like iodine and potassium. Recommended for pregnant women, provides nutrients for fetus. Helps strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.
SOURCE: compiled by WOX with reference to Shanghai Daily
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