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Menu B for Penang Gourmet Festival at Wyndham Xiamen

Updated: 19 Mar 2010
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Loh Mee


From 22nd-31st March, a Penang Gourmet Festival will be held at Wyndham Hotel Xiamen at its elegantly decorated Qin’an Café.


During the Penang Gourmet Festival, some famous Malaysian chefs will be invited to Wyndham Hotel Xiamen. By then, you will have chance to taste the unique and authentic Penang foods, ranging from Malay Mixed Salad, Nasi Lemak, Laksa, Teh tarik to tropical desserts and fruits (see list below).


Penang food, featured spicy taste and colourful dishes, is very close to Xiamen cuisine and has long been connected with each other. Various spices including lemon grass, ginger, curry leaves and cumin are used in Penang foods. Coconut juice, curry and chilli are the main sauces. Perfect match of spices and fruits makes Penang food delicious and spicy.


Price of buffet dinner: 188 yuan plus 15% for each person. Customers may enjoy a surprising offering of Buy Two Get One Free.


For appetizer and salad 

Gado-gado Sri Mutiara – Combo of vegetables mixed with peanut sauce
Tau Kua Sumbat - Tofu made to Malay style
Kerabu Sotong - Squid salad in Malay spices
Kerabu Taugeh - Bean sprout salad prepared with Malay and Penag specialties
Acar Rampai - a Malay style preserved vegetables



Goat soup with Malay herbs


Hot selection 

Nasi Lemak atau Nasi Putih – Rice with coconut gravy or white rice
Kari Ayam Seri Pinang – Penang Curry chicken
Udang Goreng Rempah – Malay deep fried prawns
Ketam Bunga Masak Pedas – Fried chilli crabs
Daging Masak Kicap – Stir fried beef with Malay sauce
Ikan Masak Assam Pedas – Malay style hot and sour fish
Perai Goreng Cabai Kering - - Stir fried chilli and bitter gourd
Kacang Panjang Goreng Telur – Stir fried long bean with egg
Bendi Goreng Sambal – Stir fried okra



Bubur kacang hijau – Boiled green bean drink
Rojak pinang – Penang rojack
Muar chee – Glutinous rice cake in peanut flour
Manisan campuran ubi – Boiled tapioca drink


Action stall 

Oh Chein – Oyster omelette
Loh Mee – Malay loh mee or noodle
Teh Tarik – Pulled milk tea


SOURCE: Wyndham Hotel Xiamen

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