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Do's and dont's to recover from a hangover

Updated: 23 Jun 2010
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So you knocked back a few too many last night. Or you "accidentally" downed that 10th shot of tequila. Whatever your story (if you remember it), you're in a world of hurt. What to do now? Start by rehydrating with water, lots of it, of course. Here are a few more remedies, along with some "cures" you definitely want to avoid.


1). Take Aspirin or Ibuprofen
A dose of painkillers, with a full breakfast, is a great start.

2). Eat Eggs
Fried, scrambled, or poached, eggs contain tons of cysteine, an amino acid that may help mop up hangover-causing toxins.

3). Drink Sports Drinks
It's a quick way to replenish lost electrolytes and potassium. Bananas and bouillon soup are also good sources of the mineral.


1). Drink Coffee
That cup of Joe may jolt you deeper into the hangover abyss; caffeine is a diuretic (as is the alcohol that is the cause of your misery).

2). Drink More Booze
Sorry, no morning Bloody Mary. The "hair of the dog that bit you" will just make your hangover linger and your liver work even harder.
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Apollonia Commented on 27 Jun 2010
Haha! Good stuff.

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