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Anxi Tieguanyin to tap into European market

Updated: 20 Jul 2010
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Anxi Tieguanyin or Ti Kuan Yin
Anxi tea farm
Anxi is the hometown of Tieguanyin and tea capital in China.
Anxi, China's tea capital and the hometown of Tieguanyin (a.k.a. Iron Goddess, Ti Kuan Yin), is trying to deploy the marketing mode used by French vineyards to crack the European market, according to the Strait Herald.
"We have reached a consensus, the project is underway and we believe our Tieguanyin tea will enter the European market by the end of this year," Mr. Wang Wenli, General Manager of Eight Horses Tea, said in a recent TV interview.
As for the marketing mode, Mr. Wang expressed that they would build a strong and unified tea brand before entering the European market, just as China's home appliance giants Suning and Gome did before. The cities they are most interested in are Paris and Milan.
Actually, French vineries used the marketing mode prior to Suning and Gome. There are various wine brands in France, but winemakers share the unified brand in global market. "Such branding model is what we need to learn from," said Mr. Yang Songwei, President of Longxin Tea.
However, the first and foremost thing the business delegation should do is to bridge the cultural communication gap between China and Europe, said Mr. Wei Yuede, President of Weiyin Tea.
To pave the way for the new market, an exploratory mission visited Europe in June. The exploratory mission consisted of tea businessmen from 11 leading tea companies in Anxi.
During their stay, the managers found that Anxi Tieguanyin was popular with Europeans. Even some franchised tea stores were set up in Brothers Supermarket and Galleries Lafayette in Paris. Besides, booming areas near Louvre Palace of Paris also have tea shops.
"In France, there are more than 100,000 Chinese, so the tea market is promising," a French Chinese told the delegation.
The inspection tour was fruitful for the delegation, who reached a preliminary consensus with the Paris Region Economic Development Agency (PREDA) and other two leading trading companies in Milan and Barcelona to promote Anxi tea.

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