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Xiamen moon cake makers in hot competition as costs soar

Updated: 18 Aug 2010
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As the 1st West Taiwan Strait International Baking & Coffee Exhibition kicked off on 12th August, competition is heating up among Xiamen moon cake makers as costs rise sharply this year, according to Xiamen Daily.
This year, prices of raw materials, except powder, sugar and edible oil, soar by 30% year on year. Additionally, the rising labor and freight costs also worsen the situation. However, moon cake makers in Xiamen have to control retail prices in order to grab more market share before the Mid-Autumn Festival.
Most moon cake gift boxes are sold at 100 – 200 yuan in Anderson Bakery, and 58 – 588 yuan in Ausland Bakery.
In such a tough situation, moon cake makers are looking to use less costly materials and develop trendy moon cakes. For instance, some moon cake makers substitute green bean and lotus seed with read bean and purple potato paste, which are less costly. Moon cakes with fruit flavor, rose flavor and seafood flavor are expected to become popular in this year's moon cake market.
Besides, certain diabetic patients and hypertensive patients have become the new focus of the moon cake makers as food therapy has gained popularity among patients in recent years. Therefore, moon cake makers are paying more attention to health care when choosing raw materials.
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SOURCE Link: Xiamen Daily
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