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Latin American Dining at Xiamen's HAVANA

Updated: 21 Sep 2007
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Exciting flavors, tropical tastes, and fresh ingredients. This is what Latin food is all about. Latin cuisine is an amazing blending of tropical tastes and multicultural influences. It is a celebration of aromatic, sweet and tart, piquant and mild citrus flavors that sparks a mixture of savory delight.


Latin cuisine blends ingredients found in South and Central America with traditional recipes from other countries, adds its own salsa, and comes up with an array of flavors and cuisine all its own. Whether it’s Mexican food, northern or southern style Spanish cuisines, Argentinean cuisine, the rich spicy flavor is certainly a common factor.   








Mexican cuisine is tasty and diverse. Many of the traditional ingredients, such as beans, chocolate, corn, squash, tomatoes, chocolate, avocado, vanilla, spices, and of course, chili peppers, are popular throughout Mexico. Yet dishes vary from region to region. There are some dishes which non-Mexicans think of as typically Mexican, but are quite foreign to people in some parts of Mexico. A good example of this is the Burrito (a stuffed wheat tortilla). While popular in the North, it is a foreign dish in the corn-ruled South. The staple food of ordinary Mexicans is the Tortillas. It’s made of flour or maize and often served alongside a meal. It can be used in many typical dishes – baked for enchiladas, fried for tacos or grilled for quesadillas. 








Spanish cooking was brought to Spain from the Americas by Spanish explorers in the 1400s. Now, tomatoes, bell peppers, potatoes and zucchini have become synonymous with Spanish cuisine. Spain was also ruled by the Moors (a Muslim tribal people from the Moroccan region of North Africa) and their influence remains today in many of the seasonings used in Spanish cooking including saffron, cinnamon and cumin. One famous Spanish dish, paella (or mixed paella) is richly cooked with such seasonings. Albondigas, or meatballs, are a very typical dish in Spain either as a main course or as a tapas in a bar. 





Much of Argentina’s cuisine is influenced by Italy so it’s no surprise that pastas such as cannelloni, fettuccini, or gnocchi are eaten with many meals though beef holds sway in Argentina food. Argentines consume beef in large quantities, with some people eating it more than once every day. A preferred manner of eating beef is the asado or barbecue. The highly flavored European effect is still evident as the cooking expressions criollo (creole) and Porteño entail. Grilled meat is a staple food, with steak and beef ribs readily available. Argentineans also eat lots of vegetables, salads and Italian food like pizza. Vegetables and salads are favorites for Argentines as much as beef.




Most food enthusiasts have traveled to the Americas just to get a taste of these Latin blends. It’s a luxury that not everyone can afford. It would be great news then that Xiamen offers these exquisite flavors that are initially half-a world away.


You can now savor the best of both worlds -- the northern and southern styles of Latin cuisine that is, without having to leave the city.




HAVANA Xiamen for one boasts a menu with more than 60 dishes perfected by Spanish Chef Carlos Chordi. It also has a good selection of Argentinean Style BBQ as well as a selection of nachos, tacos, burritos and other all-time Mexican favorites.  Mixed Paella, Spanish Tapas and Meats & Salads come in different tastes and styles of cooking. 


Dining in one of the Latin restaurants in Xiamen is almost like dining in a Latin restaurant right in the heart of a Latin country.







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NapoliPizza Commented on 07 Oct 2010
I was there last night with my girlfriend the cocktail was very very good margherita the best in xiamen the price good the area very right the food and music oh my god very perfect
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