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Cinnamon-Tree Flower Jujube Tea helps fight spring drowsiness

Updated: 25 Feb 2011
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Cinnamon-Tree Flower Jujube Tea
There is an old Chinese poem says, "In spring, one sleeps and wakes up to find dawn is already passed… ." It, indeed, well describes about "spring drowsiness." (chun kun 春困) 
As pointed out by Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners, our blood vessels supplying the skin constrict or narrow in response to cold temperatures during winter, not only blood flow in the internal organs increases, but so does the blood supply to the brain. While in spring when temperatures warm up, our blood vessels in skin dilate and blood flow in skin increases, the blood supply to the brain will decrease conversely.

As a result, the energy level in the brain will adjust and reduce. Translation? We feel sleepy in spring! Luckily, there is an easy way to boost our mind and remove drowsiness: Drink flower tea.

In fact, flower teas not only have remarkable lingering fragrance, but also bring many benefits to our health, such as this one: Cinnamon-Tree Flower Jujube (Chinese Date) Tea. However, if you need something more than tea to fill up your stomach, Mixed Dried Fruit Wheat Germ Pancake will do the double duties. Enjoy!
How to make Cinnamon-Tree Flower Jujube Tea

- 6 granules big jujubes (Chinese date)
- a handful of cinnamon-tree flowers


1.Wash jujubes.
2.Use a knife to make a few shallow cuts on the jujubes' skin to let the flavors come out better.
3.Place cinnamon-tree flowers in the bottom of a glass, followed by jujubes.
4.Pour boiling water and let the flowers and dates steep in water for 3 minutes, then serve.


- Remove body dampness
- Help balance nervous system function
- Purify body and mind
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