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Modern Toilet Restaurant opens in Robinsons Galleria Xiamen

Updated: 08 Apr 2011
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The toilet-themed restaurant Modern Toilet at Robinsons Galleria Xiamen
At the entrance of the Modern Toilet restaurant
Having a fancy dinner at the toilet-themed restaurant may sound bizarre, disgusting and crazy, right? Guess what? The toilet themed restaurant has recently opened at Robinsons Galleria Xiamen, Fujian Province.

This eatery in Xiamen is one of the chain themed restaurants called Modern Toilet (便所欢乐主题餐厅) that started in Taiwan and in recent years has expanded to Hong Kong and mainland China, including Shenzhen, Foshan, Kunming, Chongqing, Quanzhou, Guangzhou and Shenyang.

Interestingly, this toilet theme restaurant was inspired by a Japanese cartoon, a robot character named Jichiwawa (怪博士与机器娃娃), who loved to "play with poop and swirl it on a stick.". From there, this idea was born.
The interior decoration of the toilet theme restaurant in Xiamen

Stepping into the Modern Toilet Restaurant in Xiamen, you will soon be attracted by the colorful toilet seats as well as showerheads, bathrobes, hand washing sinks and rows of urinals on the wall.

There are approximately 170 seats in the restaurant, with customers sitting at colorful toilet seats and eating from mini toilet bowls. Besides, most customers often walk around taking pictures of the wall hangings, tables, seats, and more.
The food and beverage served in the toilet-themed restaurant

The toilet theme even runs through the food and drinks menu. Among which the restaurant has turd-like ice cream and also offers main dishes served in a miniature toilet pan. In addition, drink is served in the shape of a toilet bowl at this toilet-themed restaurant.

Just for fun, would you like to visit this toilet-theme restaurant?

Store Information:

Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00
Add: 3rd floor, S3-17A, No. 885, Xiahe Road, Siming District, Robinsons Galleria, Xiamen, Fujian Province.
Tel: 0592-5186218

Source: WOX Info
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Comments Area ( Total Comments: 5 )
Jantrao Commented on 10 Apr 2011
I saw this place last week and thought at first the name was Chinglish. I peeked inside and it seems truly silly. People go for a joke, which is fine, but unless the food is actually decent, once the novelty wears off people will stop going. Not sure if I would go, perhaps when in a silly mood.
akpo34 Commented on 09 Apr 2011
disturbingly delicious looking?? hmmm
Carlito Commented on 09 Apr 2011
That ice cream needs some peanuts...
laowai Commented on 09 Apr 2011
I ate at a place similar to this once but, disturbingly, it was a regular restaurant.
MNborn Commented on 08 Apr 2011
I draw the line at Mr. Hanky. No thanks!

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