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Taiwan's 85C Bakery Cafe enters Xiamen following Starbucks

Updated: 10 May 2011
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Taiwan's 85C Bakery Cafe opened its first Xiamen outlet at Taiwan Street, Jiangtou in Huli district
Following the steps of Starbucks' high-profile entry into the Xiamen Market, Taiwanese bakery and coffee chain 85C Bakery Cafe officially opened its first outlet at Taiwan Street, Jiangtou in Huli district, and three more will be opened within this month, reports news.

As a specialty and creative store of coffee, cakes, and breads, 85C claims that they have chefs who have worked in five-star hotels and provide products with affordable prices. 85C is very popular among cities across the Taiwan Strait since its first store opened in 2003. Till now it holds more than 300 stores and surpasses Starbucks as the biggest chained brand of Coffee and Bread in Taiwan.

According to Mr. Wang, the chief marketing officer (CMO) of Fujian area, in 85C, the cheapest coffee is only 8 yuan and a Cappuccino is available at 12 yuan, which is about one third of Starbucks. Also, breads are about 30% cheaper than Starbucks. What's more, lots of new items will be developed every month. 
85C will open 4 outlets in Xiamen this month, according to Mr. Wang, who said the market of coffee and bread in Xiamen is fully developed and many brands have achieved success in the market. 
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roueen Commented on 01 Aug 2013
Dear sirs

On 25 at night I went to 85 coffee shop in hubin dong Lu in xiamen (, I ordered black tea and mango juice for my wife and we bought some cakes,

Their cake had really bad smell, we let their staff , first step they didn't believe ,

But unfortunately I ate that cake which had problem ,

After we ate their cakes and tea , both of us went to hospital , dr said their cakes had big problem

We had diarrhea for some days ,because of their cake

Please publish this short news , I hope some babies don't use their cakes and products, I don't like to see big problem for babies ,

If we love our people , we should inform them ,

This coffee shop should change their product

We can not compare at all this coffe shop and bakery with anothers such as andersen, starbucks, bristot and so on

they should stop to develop their shoppings, otherwise maybe they will make big problem for people

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