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Meiji, premium ice cream from Japan debuts at Hotel Nikko Xiamen

Updated: 03 Aug 2012
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Meiji Ice Cream
Meiji Ice Cream, popular in the Japan and Southeast Asia, made its debut recently in Hotel Nikko Xiamen. The debut makes Hotel Nikko Xiamen the only hotel that provides Meiji Ice Cream in Xiamen.

Established in 1917, Meiji Diaries has a history that spans almost one hundred years and started its business in China in July, 2000. Meiji Diaries has many successful products, including milk, lactic acid bacteria beverages, yoghourt, ice cream, butter, baby formula, baby food and nutrition food series.

Hotel Nikko Xiamen will offer Meiji Ice Cream for the customers in Lobby Lounge The Fountain, All-Day Dining Café Serena and Japanese Restaurant Benkay. Some of the different tastes of Meiji Ice Cream offered are cool green tea, fresh vanilla, sweet mango, bubble tea and Hokkaido Red Bean, these will be offered up for your delectation this summer.
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