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4 foods that you shouldn't eat with peel

Updated: 14 Aug 2012
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1. Potato

Potato peel contains glycoalkaloid, which will cause poisoning when accumulated to a certain amount in the human body. The poisoning has always been neglected because it is slow in taking effect and has no obvious symptom.

Potatoes cannot be cooked with beef. The consistency of the gastric acid for digesting these two kinds of food are different, which will prolong their detention time in the stomach and cause stomach upset.



2. Persimmon

When the persimmons are not ripe, tannic acid mainly exists in the pulp. While the ripe persimmons concentrate tannic acid in the peel. When tannic acid enters into the body and in the effect of gastric acid, it will cause a chemical combination with protein in the food and generate deposits -- persimmon stones, and lead to a variety of diseases.



3. Sweet potato

Sweet potato peel contains much alkali, over consumption of which will cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Sweet potato peel with brown or black and brown spots is infected by black spot pathogen, and produces substances called "sweet potato ketone" and "sweet potato ketone alcohol", which will damage the liver and cause poisoning after entering into the body.



4. Water chestnut

Water chestnut grows in the paddy field. Its peel accumulates biological waste and chemicals that are harmful and poisonous. In addition, the peel also has parasite. Eating water chestnut peel that is not well-cleaned will cause diseases.




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ryandero Commented on 15 Aug 2012
good thing tudou niu rou is pretty much a standard dish in every restaurant in china >_>

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