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List of Western restaurants in Xiamen

Updated: 15 Jan 2013
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With the increasing number of expats living in Xiamen, an ever-increasing number of foreign restaurants have been popping up. The majority are founded or run by foreigners and feature great quality authentic food at reasonable prices. So if you find yourself craving some authentic foreign fare during your stop in this wonderful coastal city, try hitting up these western restaurants collected by WOX.

American restaurants

The House 1 Gourmet Restaurant(老别墅西餐馆)
Address: No 10-1 Baihe Road (Off Gongyuan Dong Lu,behind Yangguang sauna)
Chinese address: 白鹤路10号(阳光桑拿后面,公园东路)
Tel: 86-592-2044358(English) 86-592-2041208(中文)
Specialty: Californian cuisine
WOX Buddy Card offer: get 10% off, a welcome drink

The House 2
Address: NO.3-9 Yun Dang Road Xiamen
Chinese address: 厦门思明区员当路3-9号
Opening Hours: Food served at 10:00am - 11:00pm (Monday Off)
Tel: 0592-5033377 (English) / 5095252 (中文)

WOX Buddy Card discount: get 10% off

The Red Armadillo红犰狳美式餐厅
Address: No.18, Zengcuoan, Siming District,Xiamen
Chinese address:厦门思明区曾厝安18号
Tel: 0592-2564128

Address: Minzhu Road, Xiada Area, Xiamen
Chinese address: 厦门民族路,厦大区
Tel: 0592-2097193

Italian restaurants

Napoli Pizza Italian Restaurant / Napoli Pizza意大利餐厅
Address:Rm.108-109, Jiayi Building, No.162 Jiahe Rd, Xiamen
Chinese address: 厦门市湖里区嘉禾路162号嘉益大厦108-109单元(大桶水楼下)
Tel: 0592-5531518 / 5532518
WOX Buddy Card discount: get 12% off, excluding drinks and the specials in the promotions

Buon Appetito (GEO GEO) 意欢乐
Address: No. 3, Yundang Road, Siming District, Xiamen
Chinese address: 厦门市思明区员当路3号之一
Directions: From Marco Polo, walk about 50m down the infamous coffee street
Tel: 0592 - 5330111
WOX Buddy Card discount: get 10% off on food only

Bamboo House Xiamen(竹屋餐厅)
District: Siming
Address: No.378, Zengcuoan, Huandao Road, Xiamen
Chinese address: 厦门市环岛路曾厝安378号
Opening Hours: 10:00 - 23:00
Tel: 0592-2518366

The Jazz Bar & Restaurant爵士西餐厅
Address: 1st Floor of Seaview Resort Xiamen. No. 3999 South Huandao Road, Siming District, Xiamen
Chinese addres: 厦门思明区环岛南路3999号 厦门海悦山庄酒店 一楼
Tel: 5023333 ext.7777
Specialty: Italian cuisine

Address: Mellennium Harborview Hotel, No.12-8 Zhenhai Road
Chinese address: 镇海路12-8号海景酒店
Tel: 0592-2023333 ext 6616

Tutto Bene多乐意意大利餐厅
Address: No.1-16 Jianye Road, opposite Marco Polo
Chinese address:建业路1-16号(马哥孛罗对面)
Tel: 0592-5046026

Mamma mia 妈妈咪雅
Address: Shop A1-17, Jixiang Jiayuan, Jianye Road
Chinese address: 建业路吉祥家园A1-17店面
Tel: 0592-5362662

Italian Tomato意大利西红柿
Address:No.3038, 3rd floor of China City, No.189, Simingnan Road, Siming District, Xiamen
Chinese address: 思明南路189号中华城A2C区三楼3038
Tel: 0592-2130286
Specialty: Italian food with a Japanese twist, cakes, pudding
WOX Buddy Card discount: get 7% off

La Bettola Italian Restaurant La Bettola意大利餐厅
Address: No.1 Hubin West Road, 107-108 Xiaoxue Road, Bank Center
Chinese address: 湖滨西路1号小学路银行中心实楼107-108店面
Tel: 0592-2235093
WOX Buddy Card discount: get 5% off

Latin restaurants

Rio BBQ and Brewery 里约烤肉啤酒工房
Address: Yu Xiu Dong Road (opposite to RT-MART)
Chinese address: 厦门育秀东路(大润发侧对面)
Tel: 0592-5330665
Specialty: BBQ, steak, beer and whisky

Havana Latin Restaurant(哈瓦那海滨西餐厅)
Address: Haiwan Park
Chinese address: 厦门市东渡海湾公园二号厅
Opening Hours: 5:00pm - 1:00am
Tel: 0592-2220313

Juta Spanish Restaurant九塔西班牙餐厅
Address: Yangming Building, Jianye Rd, Xiamen
Chinese address: 思明区建业路16号阳明楼20-22号(近湖滨北路)
Tel: 0592-5037367
Specialty: Spanish cuisine
WOX Buddy Card discount: get 10% off

Coyote Café (墨西哥咖啡厅)
Address: No.58-2, Ganglong Garden (港龙花园), Yundang Road
Chinese address: 港龙花园58 - 2
Tel: 0592-5046623
WOX Buddy Card discount: get 10% off on food only

French restaurants

Greg's 厦门 厦门(法国餐厅)
Address: 1C, No.10 North Hubin Road, Xiamen
Chinese address: 厦门湖滨北路10号1C
Tel: 0592-5316600
WOX Buddy Card discount: get 10% off

Grand Club 格兰会俱乐部 (法国餐厅)
Address: Music Square, Huandao Road. Xiamen
Chinese address: 厦门环岛路音乐广场
Tel: 0592-3782198

Mediterranean restaurant

Bellissima Restaurant & Café (贝丽西蒙咖啡屋)
Address: 15# Zengcuoan, Huandao Road, Siming District, Xiamen
Chinese address: 厦门市思明区环岛路曾厝安15号
Tel: 0592-2086121
Specialty: Mediterranean cuisine
WOX Buddy Card discount: get 10% off

Golden Olives 金橄榄
Address: No.1014 King Street, Xianyue Road, Wanda Plaza, Xiamen
Chinese address: 仙岳路万达广场金街1014号
Mobile: 18030110946
Tel: 5531910
Specialty: Greek and Mediterranean cuisine

Taste of Greece 希腊风
Address: F1-F4, Cow Street
Chinese address: 牛庄小木屋F1-F4
Tel: (0592)5678218
Opening hours: 2:30pm-1:00am
Specialty: Greek and Mediterranean cuisine

Steak Houses

Marble Steak House
Address: 4F, Pan Pacific Xiamen, 19 Hubin Bei Lu, Xiamen
Chinese address: 厦门市湖滨北路19号泛太平洋大酒店4楼
Opening Hours: Tuesday - Friday 12:00-14:30 / 18:00-22:30, Weekends: 18:00-22:30
Tel: 5076018 or 5078888-77
WOX Buddy Card discount: get 15% off from Tue to Fri (Beverages excluded)

Matsusaka Steak House(骏豪会松坂牛排馆)
District: Siming
Address: No.625, Xianyue Road, Xiamen(near by the Phase 2 of SM City Plaza)
Chinese address: 厦门市仙岳路625号(SM城市广场二期旁)
Opening Hours: 5:00 pm- 10:00pm every day
Tel: 0592- 5551111

Fusion restaurants

Pier 9 Western Restaurant(玖号码头西餐厅)
District: Siming
Address: No. 9 Hexiangxi 2 Road, Xiamen (Huaqiaohaijingcheng located along Lujiangdao)
Chinese address: 厦门思明区禾祥西二路9号(鹭江道新海关大楼对面)
Tel: 0592-2287299
Specialty: Western fusion cuisine

Texas Coffee Bar德州咖啡吧
Address: No.1 A108, Yundang Road, Siming District
Chinese address: 厦门市思明区员当路1号A108
Tel: 0592-5035933
Specialty: Italian cuisine
WOX Buddy Card discount: get 12% off

511 Beer House 莲花511香墅
Address: No.8, Jialianli, Lianhua Bei Rd., Xiamen, Fujian (Near Lianhua Park and next to Philippine Consulate General)
Chinese address: 思明区莲花北路嘉莲里8号(莲花公园西侧菲律宾领事馆旁)
Tel: 5524343
Specialty: Home-brewed beer, international fusion cuisine, pizza

Caesar's on 3 凯撒西餐厅
Address: 3F, Pan Pacific Xiamen,19 Hubin Bei Road, Siming District, Xiamen
Chinese address: 湖滨北路19号泛太平洋大酒店3楼
Tel: 0592-5078888 ext. 72

Nice Restaurant尼斯餐厅
Address: 508 SM Lifestyle Center, No.399, Jiahe Road, Siming District, Xiamen
Chinese address: 厦门市思明区嘉禾路399号SM二期新生活广场508铺
Specialty: Tuna dishes, western food
WOX Buddy Card discount: get 10% off

Les Champs-Herb Garden Restaurant & Bar(香墅花园餐厅)
Address: 8# Jialianli Villa, Lianhua Bei Road
Chinese address: 莲花北路嘉莲里8号别墅
Opening Hours: 10:30-00:30
Tel: 0592-5524343
Specialty: fusion cuisine with fresh herb
WOX Buddy Card discount: get 5% off

A.F.D. Western Bakery & Restaurant (爱迪康健康美食)
Address: No.918-16 Eastern Lian Qian Road, Si Ming District, Xiamen
Chinese address: 厦门莲前东路918-16号
Tel: 0592-5978927
Specialty: pizzas, meat pies, fruit pies and vegetarian food

Mr. Q Italian-French Restaurant (Mr.Q意法厨房)
Address: F4 Xiamen International Bank Building, No.8 Lujiangdao, Xiamen
Chinese address: 厦门鹭江道8号国际银行大厦4楼
Tel: 0592-2030100
Specialty: steak, pizza


CBD Café CBD咖啡馆
Address: Jianye Bulding, No.28 Hubin Bei Road, Xiamen
Chinese address: 厦门市湖滨北路28号建业大厦之二附楼
Tel: 0592-5151128
WOX Buddy Card discount: get 5% off

Tuscany (图斯卡纳咖啡)
Address: Unit 2, No.102 Haiwan Xincheng, No.27 Hubin Bei Road
Chinese address: 厦门湖滨北路27号海湾新城102之二
Tel: 0592-5108682
Specialty: Italian & Mexican fusion cuisine
WOX Buddy Card discount: get 10% off on food only (Beverages & set menus excluded)

Sun Dance Café 日舞咖啡馆
Address: No. 252 Lujiang Avenue, Siming District
Chinese address: 鹭江道252号国贸海景(近厦禾路近中国海关)
Tel: 0592-2390538

Emma's Brew House 半自动咖啡
Address: 111-2 shop, No.25 Shijihaiwan Building, Hubin Bei Road
Chinese address: 湖滨北路世纪海湾25号111-2店面
Tel: 0592-5071715
Specialty: coffee, sandwiches

DAT European Coffee House
Address: Huli Wanda Plaze, Xianyue Road, Xiamen 4666 nr. 1182, Zone A storefront (North Station)
Chinese Address: 厦门湖里区仙岳路4666号万达广场A区1182号店面(万达北站附近)
Tel: 0592-5131995
Specialty: Desserts, chocolate, sandwiches and pastas

If your favourite restaurant is not listed, please share it with WOX in the Comments.


SOURCE: WOX Food by Anini

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Sam's arab resturent
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Jacky Angela Steakhouse
Tel: 0592-3016038
Add: International Cruise Center Xiamen 2-0102, Dong Gang Lu 361012
Chinese add: 厦门市湖里区东港路2号之0102 (国际邮轮码头中心)
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