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Bamboo House, a cool eatery where east meets west

Updated: 24 Jun 2013
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Right before entering the Bamboo House, the blue wall and the foreign-styled gate will make sure you find it easily in the maze-like Zengcuoan.
For Zengcuoan, a rising fishing village in Xiamen riding a wave of ever-increasing popularity and well on its way to becoming one of the trendiest spots in Xiamen, a far higher status has drawn crowds of visitors along with accompanying competitive challenges to the hostels, bars and restaurants in the area. Bamboo House has met these challenges, and proven an extremely popular place where east meets west.
Set in the maze-like village, with its myriad winding streets, the restaurant is only a few minutes’ walk from the bus stop on Xiamen’s picturesque Huandao Road, and can be easily recognized by its distinctively foreign-styled gate and eye-catching blue walls. The first thing you see — and likely walk into — when you enter Bamboo House is the eye-pleasing greenery, and the the bamboo wall inside the garden. Unlike other air-conditioned dining venues, this oasis-like restaurant enchants visitors not just with great food, but also the gentle summer breeze, a homely vibe and heartfelt service. When coming to the fishing village, especially during summer time, I always feel compelled to make a stop there, mostly because of the food, the music and the intriguing vibe.
The tables and chairs in the garden of the Bamboo House
My most recent dining experience there with my friend was truly a memorable one. We chose to shy away from the crowds and have lunch there at around 1:30pm. It was a sizzling summer afternoon, however quite cool in the European-style garden restaurant. We choose a table under the longan tree near the bamboo wall. Soon after our arrival, the chef gave us a menu and recommended some popular dishes. I noticed that the restaurant had added some Chinese set meals to its menu. The chef said it was a new move to cater better to local palates. In the end, we decided to have beef steak and fish fillet as our main course, together with a Nicoise salad and a mango, pine nut and shrimp salad. 
The Kumquat Honey Water (L) and the Mango Milkshake
Before having the main courses, I tried the summer drink: Kumquat Honey Water, which really whet my appetite. When the beef steak and fish fillet were served, we were all struck by the portion sizes and delicate and refined tastes. As a big eater, I always wish for bigger portions and Bamboo House is one of the few restaurants that I find myself satisfied by. This time around, I was surprised by the mango, pine nut and shrimp salad, which had a pretty enticing appearance and a taste that could without fear of hyperbole be described as "unbelievably fabulous".
Nicoise salad (L) and The Mango, Pine Nut and Shrimp Salad which is not only enticing by its appearance but also the aroma of the fresh diced mango.
The Salmon with Smashed Potato, Mushroom, Courgette and Peppers (L) and The Beefsteak with Chips, Peppers, Courgette and Eggplants
The 3-storey restaurant is now serving hand-made pizzas, steak, coffee, cocktails, beers, and now Chinese set meals. On the first floor, guests can eat at ease in air-conditioned vibe and there is a private room upstairs, and a terrace, where guests can conduct semi-private gatherings. Buffet and romantic western-style small wedding parties can also be held according to guests’ needs. The third floor is a good place for customers to watch movies or hold small meetings. What’s more, Bamboo House operates a leisure resort hotel in backyard, where an unforgettably romantic experience awaits.
Daily special offers in Bamboo House
* On Mondays, students with a student ID card enjoy a 15% discount
* On Tuesdays, enjoy any pizza for RMB38
* On Wednesdays, enjoy deep-sea fish steak for RMB48
* On Thursdays, enjoy sirloin steak for RMB48
* From Fridays to Sundays, all cocktails are priced at RMB30 each (start from 6pm)
Notes: These special offers are not applicable in conjunction with other promotions
Afternoon Tea
Any coffee + Mousse Cake: RMB 28
Chinese Set Meals
Bamboo House Boned Chicken with rice & vegetables--------RMB 58
Stewed Beef with rice & vegetables-----------------------------------RMB 45
Kimchi Beef with rice & vegetables------------------------------------RMB 45
Boned Fish with rice & vegetables-------------------------------------RMB 45
Teriyaki Boneless Chicken Leg with rice & vegetables-------- RMB 45
Deep Fried Pork Loin with rice & vegetables-----------------------RMB 45
SanBei Boned Chicken with rice & vegetables--------------------RMB 45
Red & Yellow Peppers in Fried Pork with rice & vegetables--RMB 45
Chilli Beef with rice & vegetables---------------------------------------RMB 45
Bamboo House
Address: No.378, Zengcuoan, Huandao Road, Xiamen
Phone:  0592-2518366
SOURCE: WOX Foods by Echo 
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