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Explore Xiamen's street foods on Zhongshan Road

Updated: 02 Aug 2013
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Few streets can rival Zhongshan Road when it comes to street food variety and quality. Candy floss, egg pancakes and wontons are easy to find, but best of all are the more uniquely Xiamenese local street foods. Although every Xiamenite worth his or her salt has their own particular favorite, the following dishes are amongst those that bring people back to the busy road again and again.


Tunsun Jelly and Beizai baked bun at Hong Ji De 红记德



Tunsun Jelly and Beizai baked bun


The food cart sells two of the most popular street foods in Xiamen - Tunsun Jelly and Beizai baked bun.

Tusun Jelly's main ingredient is a special kind of worm found in the muddy seabed. The dish contains gelatin which, after cooking, is mixed with water, and forms a jelly after getting cold, suspending the worm in the middle. Regularly enjoyed with soy, vinegar, pepper sauce, garlic sauce, mustard, radish etc, it's delicious and very high in protein.

Stuffed with chives and minced meat, Beizai baked bun is crispy on the outside, with a strong odor of wheat. The aroma is irresistible and mouth-watering. Many locals' eat the Beizai baked bun by first slicing them laterally into two halves and stuffing them with canned sardines, pork floss, peanut candy, sweet chili sauce, pickled radish and fresh Chinese parsley.

The food cart is at the junction of Jukou Street (局口街) and Zhongshan Road.


Granny’s Grass Jelly 八婆婆烧仙草




A popular stall sells grass jelly - one of the most popular desserts among local people - in the summer. The jelly, made from Mesona chinensis (a member of the mint family), has a slightly bitter taste, with a light lavender flavor, and is slightly translucent and black in colour. It is always served with honey or milk tea, and mixed with other ingredients such as peanuts, red beans and taro balls.

Price: 3.5 yuan/cup
Location: Next to the entrance of Trust-Mart

Dazhong Shacha Noodles 大中沙茶面




This noodle store is hard to find, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn't keep searching until you do. Dazhong Shacha Noodle is one of the special restaurants in Xiamen where authentic Shacha Noodles can be found.

The clay-coloured noodle soup is created using pulverised peanuts and a touch of chili, a recipe related to South East Asia's satay tradition. You choose the ingredients to add to the egg noodles when you order sand tea noodles, and the options include squid, mussels, chicken, prawns, liver, and many more.

Location: No.49 Zhongshan Road, Xiamen
Tel: 0592-2058779

Huangzehe Peanut Soup 黄则和花生汤




Huang Zehe is considered one of the oldest restaurants in Xiamen. The restaurant was built in the 1940s. When you dine in Huang Zehe, the peanut soup is a "must have" delicacy.

The magic ingredient is the whole peanuts that have been boiled in a sweet, milky solution until soft enough to crush between your tongue and the roof of your mouth.

Location: No.22 Zhongshan Road, Xiamen
Tel: 0592-2024670

Yeshi Maci or Ye Family Maci 叶氏麻糍



Yeshi Maci is made of glutinous rice, stuffed with peanut, black and white sesame seed and sugar. Outside the maci is completed with a layer of black sesame seed.

The dessert can be traced back to 1935, when Ye Chengwu, the founder of Yeshi Maci, came from Anxi to Xiamen to make a living by selling Maci in the street. After retiring in 1981, Ye set up a food stall selling Maci on Gulangyu Island and named the food stall "Yeshi Maci". Today, it has become a time-honored dessert brand in Xiamen and has opened its second store on Zhongshan Road.

Location: Next to ICBC Bank on Zhongshan Road



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