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Head to Phoebe for the largest pizza in Xiamen

Updated: 20 Nov 2013
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Xiamen residents have always been fond of pizza, and now they have good reason to celebrate as Phoebe, a newly-opened Western restaurant in the Xiamen University area is serving up the largest pizza in town.

Measuring 22 inches, the massive pie is as wide as the dining table, and can make four to five people full. It can be made with at most four kinds of toppings and the one we opted for consisted of three flavours – New York Special Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza and Four Sausages Pizza. All of them were crispy and zingy, loaded with fresh ingredients and tangy sauce with melted mozzarella piled on top.


Measuring 22 inches, the massive pie is as wide as the dining table, and can make four to five people full.


There are nine kinds of pizza on the menu, including traditional flavours such as Salami Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza and Tuna Pizza, as well as specialties like Durian Pizza and Vegetarian Pizza. They also provide tailor-made Margherita pizzas according to customers’ special requirements for seasonings and toppings.

It's not all pizza, pizza, pizza though. Spaghettis, salads and sandwiches are also in abundance, and there are some tasty starters to dive into as well. For those craving meat, they also offers some steak options.




Phoebe is a fine place for intimate celebrations. From the time you enter, you feel welcomed and relaxed as the restaurant creates a cozy setting that includes mood lighting, rustic wooden tables and graffiti-adorned walls. A bar at the front of the restaurant is a fine place to wait for the rest of your party to arrive whilst enjoying a cocktail.



The menu offers over 30 kinds of cocktails. From left to right: Mojito, Appetency, Blue Angel and Blue Margarita


Add: #160, Daxue Road(Opposite to Hengda Building)
Chinese add: 大学路160号,恒达大厦对面
Tel: 13799282811, 18657125512



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kungfupanda Commented on 23 Nov 2013
Size is not the most important...what does it taste like? Offering only nine choices is pretty limiting although the abilty to mix different flavors on one pizza is a good option. That is very popular option in some American-style pizzerias. Although I wouldn't count tuna as a traditional pizza flavor even if we are in China. Hopefully we can get a better food review in the future.
kissfire Commented on 23 Nov 2013
Phoebe will ofeer pepperonl and cheese when you order any pizza ~~
kissfire Commented on 23 Nov 2013
A lot of toppings on the big pizza , the process is complicated and the price is according to the cost ,You may have a try when you have leisure time.

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