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Wal-Mart accused of selling fox meat as donkey meat in China

Updated: 25 Dec 2013
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Fox meat was found in a product that was supposed to contain only donkey meat and beef in a Walmart in Jinan, a city in Shandong province in northeastern China, reports the Guangzhou-based Yangcheng Evening News.

A man surnamed Wang in the city said he felt something was wrong with the taste and color of the meat in a product he purchased. He sent the product for examination and the result showed the product contained fox meat instead of the donkey meat labeled. Wang said his rights as a consumer had been infringed upon and asked for compensation of ten times the retail price of the product.

Walmart allegedly refused Wang's request and said they felt it was suspicious that Wang bought 1,600 packages of the product. They suspect that he intentionally bought up the product to extort money from the chain. The company that manufactures the product refuted Wang's accusations and said that they would accept an independent inspection.

The store later responded on Dec. 23 saying that they had taken the product off the shelf and will send it for testing. A representative of the store said they can only review certificates of manufactures of the products sold in their store, adding that they sell more than 10,000 products in store, and are not able to examine the ingredients of every product.

A reporter from the Yangcheng Evening News asked at several testing centers and found it usually costs more than 2,000 yuan (US$329) to test the genetic ingredients of animal products. There are few centers that provide this kind of service as the cost is high.

Fox meat is cheap due to its odor, said a fox farmer surnamed Xue. "A piece of fox skin is worth more than 1,000 yuan (US$164.68), while a kilo of fox meat is worth only 4-6 yuan (US$0.66-0.99)," Xue stated.




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