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Four Great Snacks of Gulangyu

Updated: 26 Jun 2015
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Though Gulangyu is packed with a variety of food stores and restaurants, there are only a few selling authentic Gulangyu specialties. In this article, we will introduce the “Four Great Snacks of Gulangyu." Each of these snacks have true Gulangyu roots, with histories of 70 to 170 years. Next time you come to the islet, don’t forget to try these snacks and get an authentic taste of Gulangyu cuisine.


1). Huang Jin Xiang Pork Floss (黄金香)


Pork floss or Rousong(肉松) is a dried Chinesemeat product that can be fluffy or crunchy depending on the manufacturer. It is commonly eaten as a topping for congee, tofu, and soy milk. It is also used as filling or topping for bread and pastries.


The small store is always surrounded by a group of food lovers on Longtou Road.


The store was established in 1842 by Zhangzhou man Huang Zhu (whose name literally means yellow pig), and is currently ran by Huang’s three great-grandsons. Their pork floss is made of high quality leg meat from pork and seasoned with over 10 kinds of spices. Besides the pork floss, they also offer dried pork slice, beef floss and jerky. 




Address: No. 95, Longtou Road (also known as Dragon Head Road)


2). Yeshi Maci (叶氏麻糍)


Maci (麻糍), a kind of sticky rice ball with black sesame seeds, is a unique textural experience -- soft, glutinous, almost jelly-like starch balls filled with and rolled in sweet powdered peanut and sesame.



The dessert's origins can be traced back to 1935, when Ye Chengwu, the founder of the now-famousbrand, came from Anxi to Xiamen to make a living by selling Maci as a street vendor on Gulangyu. In 1981, Ye set up a food stall on Longtou Road and named it "Yeshi Maci (Ye Family Maci)". For over 30 years, rain or shine, the food stall has appeared at the same place every morning. Today, it has become a must-eat snack on Gulangyu Island and the most popular Maci brand in Xiamen.



Address: The foodstall is at the junction on Longtou Road


3). Wangji Pie (汪记)


A must-try treat are Xiamen pies (xian bing 馅饼), small bite-size cakes encased in flaky dough with sweet, dense fillings such as dried coconut or red bean paste. Made with lard, the cakes are not the healthiest Gulangyu specialty food on our list, but they go down perfectly with a cup of local Oolong tea, and the calories you gain from this snack can easily be offset by a dip in the sea.



Gulangyu has over 10 pie brands. Wangji stands out for its high-quality ingredients and secretrecipes. The first Wangji store was established by a Hui’an man named Wang Qinghe in 1938. In 1985 Wang and his son established the Wangji Food Factory.The Wangji pies feature various fillings, including mung bean, peanut, sesame,pork, coconut, taro, grape and pineapple.



Address: No. 168,Longtou Road


4). Longtou Fish Ball Soup (龙头鱼丸店)


Known as Xiamen’s No.1 handmade fish ball, the award-winning shop is famous for its fresh and juicy shark fish balls, which are stuffed with pork and cooked in a savory soup.



The shop is now run by third generation owners, but the owners still insist on using the original handmade craft and recipe, which requires the use of fresh shark meat from the market every day. The fish balls can be served alone or with noodles.



Address: No. 183, Longtou Road



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