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Walnuts are excellent against diabetes and high cholesterol

Updated: 27 Nov 2015
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With Thanksgiving on the table, Christmas on the way, and the New Year looming in the very near future, many people are thinking about ways to lose weight. Of course, diet is very important, but diet is also complicated. However, new research says that adding nuts to your daily food intake can improve your diet without adding weight.

"Our primary outcome was diet quality, and that differed significantly between walnuts-added and walnuts-excluded,” explains Yale University Prevention Research Center director, Dr. David Katz. He continues, “The implication of that is that (a) walnuts displace less nutritious foods when added to the daily diet; and (b) the net effect is a significant improvement in overall diet quality.”

Katz goes on to say, “Weight did not go up in any group. So that confirmed that people were adding something good, and bumping out something less good for their health.”


In addition, Harvard University T. H. Chan School of Public Health professor of epidemiology and nutrition, Dr. Eric Rimm, comments, “Nuts work because they can make you feel full. And people are more likely to self regulate the calories they eat when they feel full.”

Dr. Rimm also notes, “Advice about weight control really has to be based on foods, and helping people understand they need to hear their body’s signals about when they are full. Simply taking a diary and adding up calories probably is not going to work as well.”

The study was funded by the California Walnut Commission with the results of this study reported in a paper published in the British Medical Journal Open Diabetes Research and Care.




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