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Visit Ningde electric motor expo, enjoy local delicacies

Updated: 10 May 2016
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Ningde (宁德), also known as Mindong (闽东, East Fujian), is a city located along the northeastern coast of Fujian province. It sits on the northern border of the provincial capital of Fuzhou, the southern border of Wenzhou (Zhejiang), and the eastern border of Nanping. The city features abundant natural resources in its coastal and mountainous areas, and a variety of real seafood and local delicacies.

In Ningde, in addition to the refined dishes served at elegant banquets, there are also a wide variety of local foods generally known as Xiaochi (小吃) in Chinese. The word refers to small dishes that can serve as a snack, or one part of a full meal.

These are local dishes that bring forth the flavors of countryside cooking. They are the product of folk culture and represent popular aesthetics. Xiaochi are “folk” in that their contents relate to people’s lives; they originated in everyday life and are permeated with popular features. Ningde xiaochi dishes feature flavors from throughout Eastern Fujian and characteristics of local minority culture. The following are some of the most popular xiaochi in Ningde.


Wuren Rice 乌稔饭
This is a popular dish among the She Ethnic Minority, who mainly live in Eastern Fujian. The jet-black rice dish uses sticky rice as its main ingredient and gets its color from the soup of Wuren leaves.



Eel Ball and Rice Cake Soup 鱼片(米果) 汤
The eel balls are made of mashed eel meat mixed with sweet potato flour. They are cooked with sliced rice cakes and usually served with chili and rice vinegar.



Ningde Taro Meat Ball 宁德肉丸
The violet skin of this dish is made from mashed taro, which is stuffed with minced pork mixed with dried bean curd and seasonings.



Tai Chi Taro Paste 太极芋泥
Resembling the Tai Chi yin yang figure, this popular dessert is notable for its delectable appearance and silky texture. It is made of taro paste and sweetened bean paste.



Beef Drop Soup牛肉丸



Beef Noodle 牛肉水粉



Jiguang Cake 继光饼



Fried Bean Ball 御豆酥



Crispy Rice Wine Shrimp 淡糟虾



Free two-night expo tour to Ningde
The 7th Cross-Strait Electric Motor and Appliance Exposition and the 17th Ningde Investment Fair (also known as the Ningde Expo) will be held from June 17th to 19th this year, and the organizing committee is offering a complimentary tour package to potential visitors who are interested in the expo and the fair and are engaged in related business and trade.

The tour package includes free access to the expo and the fair, free dinner and accommodations, and a one-day free sightseeing tour in Ningde. Ningde is a coastal city in northeastern Fujian Province. The city is the export base and capital of small and meduim size electric motor and machines.

Please contact:
Angeline Wang
Tel/wechat: 0086-18020729551
Jacky Zhang
Tel/wechat: 0086-13459148340
Wechat: chinamotorexpo



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