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Langham Place Xiamen unveils Michelin-star set menu

Updated: 12 Oct 2016
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The sibling to Hong Kong's award-winning three-Michelin-star namesake restaurant, Ming Court at Langham Place Xiamen has welcomed its new Chinese Master Chef Huang Weicheng (黄伟成). To celebrate his new role in the hotel, Chef Huang has launched a Michelin-star Cantonese food set menu which includes eight elaborate Cantonese dishes.


Mr. Huang Weicheng - new Chinese Master Chef of Langham Place Xiamen

Hailing from Hong Kong, Chef Huang has over 20 years of experience in the culinary field. He is a member of Les Amis d'Escoffier Society, and has worked at a series of hotels in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Jiangsu, Fujian, and Shaanxi. He came to the fore after taking part in several cooking competitions, and won a silver award in Hong Kong’s 2005 Best of the Best Culinary Awards.

Highlights from the set menu:

Ming Court Appetizer Plate
Fresh and flavorful, the appetizer plate has layers of bread, cucumber, BBQ pork, and crispy pork skin. Served with pickled carrot and asparagus.



Conch and sea cucumber stew
American conch and Japanese sea cucumber stewed in a stock that has been cooked for six hours. 



Lobster stir-fried with onion
A Cantonese culinary classic, lobster seasoned with yellow rice wine and stir-fried with onion and shallot. 



The set menu also includes honey pepper wagyu beef, bamboo shoot and vegetable stock, Foie gras and BBQ pork stir-fried rice, almond milk tofu with crispy filo swan, and an assorted fruit plate.



Price: 488/person

Venue: Ming Court (2F) in Langham Place Xiamen

About Ming Court
Serving traditional Chinese dishes in an ultra-modern setting, Ming Court on the second floor of Langham Place Xiamen artfully merges the classic with the contemporary. The restaurant offers a variety of classic dim sum, sophisticated Cantonese cuisine, and a collection of award-winning dishes from its three-Michelin-star namesake restaurant in Hong Kong, providing a captivating gourmet experience. Ming Court's nine luxurious private dining rooms provide a sophisticated setting for business meetings, romantic dinners, or family gatherings.




Langham Place, Xiamen 厦门朗豪酒店
Address: Number 4668 Xianyue Road (adjoining Huli Wanda Plaza) 湖里区仙岳路4668号
Booking hotline: (86) 592 602 9999 ext. 8908



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