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10 must-eat Southeast Asian restaurants in Xiamen

Updated: 03 Nov 2016
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Whether your favorite Southeast Asian cuisine is Thai, Indonesian, or Vietnamese, you can enjoy the many flavors of Southeast Asia right here in Xiamen! Browse our picks of restaurants to visit if you're craving authentic Southeast Asian flavors.


Use the our Taxi Card to get to these places:


1. Savory Bali 香遇巴厘 Taxi Card
2. Starland Leaf 星洲蕉叶 Taxi Card
3. Ruan Shi Niang 阮氏娘越南料理 Taxi Card

4. Thai Cuisine 泰之家 Taxi Card

5. REDTHAI 红泰 Taxi Card
6. Baba Nyonya 娘惹南洋文化主题餐厅 Taxi Card
7. Nature Thai 泰自然花园餐吧 Taxi Card

8. CYCLO 洛城越南河粉 Location 1: Taxi Card, Location 2: Taxi Card
9. Pho 越南料理 Taxi Card
10.MING GU 鸣古印尼料理 Taxi Card


Savory Bali 香遇巴厘


Savory Bali has been a solid favorite of many local foodies for a good 11 years. As the first and only authentic Indonesian restaurant in Xiamen, Savory Bali has a celebrated Indonesian chef at the helm and an experienced culinary team that has worked together for more than ten years.


Curry crab

Curry chicken


The restaurant boasts a delightfully magnificent and colorful cuisine. Savory Bali offers a good range of Indonesian cuisine, as well as select Thai and Malaysian dishes including curry, satay, Bak-Kut-Teh, and Nyonya food.


 Curry shrimps


Pickled raw shrimps


Indonesian BBQ


Savory Bali is a warm and friendly place that offers insights into the Indonesian culture, paired with excellent food and unsurpassed service. It is a place where guests always know they will get the best of Indonesian hospitality and gastronomy.


Price: about RMB 110 per person


Taxi Card

Address: 1F Xinzhonglin Hotel, No.18 Lianhua Nan Road
Tel: 0592-5138080


Starland Leaf 星洲蕉叶


Starland Leaf offers a wide range of Southeast Asian dishes with a focus on Thai cuisine. Their curry crab is touted by many as one of the best in the city. It is prepared with the freshest crab and cooked in a flavorful sauce that pairs perfectly with the tender crabmeat. Also popular is the appetizing lemon steamed fish. The meat is incredibly tender and the spices yield an enchanting aroma that will leave you craving more.


Curry crab


Lime fish


Price: about RMB 95 per person


Taxi Card


Address: 3015,3F, District C,Zhonghuacheng, Siming Nan Road
思明南路189号中华城C区3F 3015号
Tel: 0592-2028 299


Ruan Shi Niang 阮氏娘越南料理

Ruan Shi Niang specializes in traditional Vietnamese cuisine. The restaurant is located on the 3rd floor of the Xiamen Shimao Cross-Strait Plaza, one of the most momentous and iconic places in Xiamen. Eighty percent of the restaurant's ingredients are imported from Vietnam, whose cuisine is considered as among the healthiest in the world.


Mango and fish rice paper roll




Price: about RMB 50 per person


Taxi Card 


Address: 320, 3F, Shimao EMALL, No. 182, Yanwu Xi Road.
Tel: 0592 - 2098995


Thai Cuisine 泰之家


Thai Cuisine is a home-away-from-home for Thai expats living in Xiamen, and a hideaway for Xiamen residents. The proprietor, who is from Thailand, brings genuine Thai cooking to the coast.




Price: about RMB 80-100 per person


Taxi Card


Address: #4-8, Baihe Road
Tel: 0529-2051583




Situated on the second floor of Swiss International Hotel Xiamen, REDTHAI is a traditional a la carte restaurant with a stylish, modern interior decor. Head Chef Supachai Saisoigeon from Thailand is an expert culinary artist with over 30 years of experience in Thai cuisine. He has created an extensive menu blending traditional, authentic Thai fares with touches of contemporary Thai cuisine.





Price: about RMB 120 per person


Taxi Card


Address: 2F, Swiss International Hotel, No. 12, Lu Jiang Dao 
Tel: 0592-6366666-24


Baba Nyonya 娘惹南洋文化主题餐厅


Tucked away in the Dongchen Hotel on Jiahe Road, Baba Nyonya serves comforting Southeast Asian dishes full of flavor and authenticity. Popular dishes on the menu include fried chicken, satay kebab, beef Rendang, Bak-Kut-The, Starland crab, and curry weever.


"Super aromatic" fried chicken 特香鸡


Beef rendang


Price: about RMB 68 per person


Taxi Card


Address: 1F, Back Zone, Dongchen Hotel, No. 92, Jiahe Road
Tel: 0592 – 5229766


Nature Thai 泰自然花园餐吧


This serene, garden-theme restaurant in Xinlinghui Square on Lujiang Dao excels at attentive service and authentic Thai cuisine.






Price: about RMB per person 


Taxi Card


Address: M101B, Xinlinghui Square, No. 18, Lujiang Road
鹭江道18号新领荟广场 M101B
Tel: 0592-5222290


CYCLO 洛城越南河粉

CYCLO boasts the best pho noodle soup in town. Guests can add spices such as lime, basil, and chili by themselves. CYCLO now has two locations in Xiamen, one in Smart Hero, another in Wanyuecheng shopping mall.


Special beef noodle soup


Grilled lemon grass pork chop


Price: about RMB 70 per person


Location 1: Taxi Card


Address: Smart Hero, No.625, Xianyue Road
Tel: 0592-5115679


Location 2: Taxi Card


Address: L1-035B, Wanyuecheng, Riyuan Erli
Tel: 0592-2100368


Pho 越南料理


This authentic Pho noodle soup is a favorite of foreign students and expats. In addition to pho, this small and cozy eatery also offers a selection of Vietnamese dishes such as rice rolls, citronella chicken rice, and citronella chicken noodles. 70% of their ingredients are imported from overseas, while 30% are planted by themselves. They also have stores in Canada and Australia.





Price: about RMB 37 per person


Taxi Card


Address: No. 57, Xiaxi Road 

霞溪路57 号
Tel: 0592-2070250, 13600959995


Minggu 鸣谷印尼料理


Minggu is a traditional Indonesian restaurant housed in an old arcade building in Xiamen. Minggu means “Sunday” in Indonesian. The restaurant's relaxing and leisurely atmosphere makes it an ideal place for hanging out with friends and family.





Price: about RMB 70-80 per person 


Taxi Card


Address: No.155 Mingzu Road, Siming District, Xiamen, China 
Tel: 0592-2068133



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