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Summer Feast | Hyatt Regency Xiamen Wuyuanwan offers lavish summer buffet

Updated: 11 Jul 2017
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As always, summer this year in Xiamen is scorchingly hot, and nature just keep cranking up the heat. Studies have shown that hot weather dampens the appetites. But few people can pass up a delicious seafood feast even on a hot Summer day or evening. With that in mind, Hyatt Regency Xiamen recently upgraded its buffet offerings to include a variety of lavish seafood dishes — with the goal of enticing Xiamen diners out of their homes to enjoy these warm summer days while they last!


Three Flavors of Roche Shrimp

Roche Shrimp — The king of freshwater shrimp
Roche shrimp, with its luscious meat wrapped in a gossamer-thin shell, tastes sweet and fresh, even when cooked simply. When cooked with spices, the shrimp meat tastes even better. Three classic flavors are now on offer — thirteen spices roche shrimp, spicy roche shrimp, and garlic roche shrimp.


Speckled Hind Soup

Speckled Hind — The best of deep-sea grouper
Living in the beautiful deep ocean, speckled hind is bulky and clean without too many parasites. The meat of the bulky speckled hind is sweet and tender. Hearty speckled hind soup creates a fresh flavor that will impress diners from the first sip of the soup to the last bite of the tender fish.


Fresh-opened Irish Oysters 




Irish Oyster — The Hermès of oysters
The texture of the Irish oyster is as tender as pudding. It explodes in the mouth like roe. And its smell is fishy but fresh, like the scent of the sea. It brings to mind images of a cool seaside beach. To maintain the freshness of the Irish oysters, the chef at Hyatt Regency Xiamen opens the oysters right in front of diners.


Durian & Mango Desserts 


Durian & Mango — The spark of tropical fruits
Combine these two tropical fruits — durian and mango — and will you see sparks? Come and  see for yourself, and enjoy the elaborate sweet creations of the dessert chef at Hyatt Regency Xiamen! Here’s one summer dessert you can’t miss at Hyatt Regency Xiamen: Chocolate durian mango Napoleon. The dish fits perfectly at the end of a satisfying meal, and leaves a sweet, delectable flavor with diners.

Apart from the above chef’s recommendations, a wide variety of delicacies specially launched for this summer is on offer at the Hyatt Regency Xiamen buffet waiting for food explorers.




Hyatt Regency Xiamen Wuyuanwan
Address: No. 5 Ri Yuan Er Li Road, Huli District, Xiamen, Fujian, 361006, China 厦门市湖里区日圆二里5号
Booking hotline: 0592 606 1234 (24-hour)

WeChat ID: hyattregencyxiamen


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