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German Wine Princess and SUNGIVEN FOODS' Riesling White Wine

Updated: 01 Aug 2017
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The German wine princess Mara Walz and SUNGIVEN FOODS' leaders, Mr. Chen Qi Ming and Ms. Hong Yue E


Distinguished guests and fans of healthy food recently enjoyed a wonderful night with fine wine and good friends in Xiamen. On July 25th, SUNGIVEN FOODS (元初食品) hosted a “Summer Riesling”-themed wine tasting party at Hyatt Regency Xiamen with attendance by plenty of distinguished guests. The distinguished guests including the sixty-eighth German wine princess, a CCTV independent wine critic, the events manager of the German Wine Association China representative office, and about 75 other guests in a variety of professions.



Wine princess Mara and SUNGIVEN FOODS' staffs

The extraordinary German wine Princess -- Mara Walz


Germany’s “wine princesses” are the deputies of the German “wine queen,” who is selected each year to serve as the representative of German wineries in events around the world. The candidates come from the country’s officially recognized 13 wine regions. Usually the runner-up in the election is appointed wine princess. The candidates do not need to come from a winery or vineyard but need solid knowledge about German wine and the wine industry, oenology, and wine-making. They need to be eloquent and good ambassadors for the German wine industry, and available to serve in their capacity as wine ambassador for a year.




Mara Walz, the wine princess who attended the party on July 25th, is 25 years old, and was honored as the sixty-eighth German wine princess for her professional wine knowledge and her excellent presentation skills.


As the old saying goes, “one look is worth a thousand words”; when princess Mara appeared at the party, her dignified, graceful, and relaxed appearance inspired a round of applause from the audience. Her delicate red skirt fit her figure perfectly, and her golden crown, with 13 jewels to symbolize her country’s 13 wine regions, had the effect of making her appear to be a real princess. Her fluent English and her professional wine knowledge delighted guests, and her amiable character made her a pleasure to listen to throughout her short introduction to German wine.

Wine Expat and Wines



SUNGIVEN FOODS’ own wine brand, Sunfreesia Riesling white wine



Sunfreesia Riesling white wine and Schloss Vollrads Goethe


The true heroes of the evening were of course the wines: Sunfreesia Riesling white wine, SUNGIVEN FOODS’ own wine brand; and the distinguished guest, Schloss Vollrads Goethe, a high quality white wine of Riesling, sat on the tables as guests entered. Mr. Zhu Li Nong, an independent wine critic from CCTV (China Central Television), and Mr. Wu Tan, events manager of the German Wine Association China representative office, raised their glasses and tasted the wines alongside other guests. The Sunfreesia Riesling white wine is made with a special de-souring process that reduces its acidity while retaining its original fruity flavor, making it the perfect wine for those who don’t enjoy tartness.



Mr. Zhu Li Nong, An independent wine critic from CCTV
Mr. Wu Tan, the event manager of German Wine Association China representative office
Mr. Li Zhi Gang, the general manager of Southeast Aquatic Product Company

Oyster, pandalus borealis, and flounder — dishes that go well with wine

Squeeze two wedges of succulent lemon over a big meaty oyster. One bite of it will match perfectly with a sip of cool Riesling wine, and the flavors will mix delicately in your mouth.


The meat of the pandalus borealis, which comes from the far away arctic, is sweet and tender. Its sweet taste matches well with Riesling’s tartness, creating an unforgettable sweet-and-sour flavor.


The aroma of sizzled boneless flounder wafted from an open kitchen, and attracted plenty of guests to the grill. With a bit of salt and pepper sprinkled on top, the flounder melted in the mouth.


The fragrance of the Riesling wine pervaded the air as guests raised their glasses and toasted to the moment, gathered together with friends and enjoying the creeping effects of the wine. The evening included an elegant wine princess, good wine, and delicate seafood; the distinguished guests had arrived in high spirits and left with satisfaction.



Live Interview



Food and wine for the event, including the seasonings for the party were provided by SUNGIVEN FOODS.






Some good wine I would like to share with you


Sunfreesia Riesling white wine and Schloss Vollrads Goethe have been on sale since July 28th.


Sunfreesia Riesling white wine (Sunfreesia 雷司令白葡萄酒) 750ml

 RMB 79 per bottle


Schloss Vollrads Goethe (弗尔拉德宫优质雷司令白葡萄酒) 750ml

 RMB 149 per bottle

Purchase the above two kinds of wine, and you will obtain gifts provided by the German Wine Association. Quantity is limited; this promotional event is first come, first served.


Gift 1: When you buy 6 bottles of wine in a single purchase, you will obtain a zinc alloy seahorse knife.


Gift 2: When you make a RMB 200 purchase, you will obtain a wine bag that can hold one bottle of wine.


Gift 3: When you make a RMB 500 purchase, you will obtain a wine bag that can hold two bottles of wine.



Good wine and seafood, to the enjoyment of your taste buds


From July 29th to August 6th


Sunfreesia Riesling white wine 750 ml + Pandalus borealis 1 kg


RMB 169 per set 


Scan the following QR code to purchase the wine and the pandalus borealis





Scan or long press the QR code to learn more details about all Sungiven branch stores in Xiamen



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