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Ming Court has lavished its dim sum menu with 50 new delicacies

Updated: 03 Aug 2017
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Cantonese dim sum is loved by foodies around the world. From production to serving, an exquisite dim sum dish benefits from the strict selection of ingredients and the skilled craft of the chef. If you are looking for a cost-effective and elegant environment for enjoying Hong Kong-style buffet tea in Xiamen, you should definitely try the Chinese restaurant in Langham Place Xiamen: Ming Court. Ming Court is the sister restaurant to the Michelin-star-rated restaurants in Hong Kong and Shanghai.



Following the fine tradition of its sister restaurant in Hong Kong, Ming Court presents patrons with the most authentic and classic dim sum, including dishes from its sister restaurants in Hong Kong and Shanghai. The recently upgraded menu has retained many classic dishes and added more than 50 new delicacies. The new menu features a wider selection at the same favorable prices. A clean-plate campaign with a generous award has also been added to make the dining experience more interesting.


Original price: RMB 148 per person (net price)
WeChat Mall price: RMB 118 per person (net price, including cover charge)


Chef’s Selections

The chef has added some exquisite and expensive dishes to the menu to make your visit more valuable. All the chef’s selections are limited to one portion per person for all-you-can-eat customers. 



Crispy tart skin topped with stewed abalone

The Dalian abalone is stewed with secret sauce and then placed on a baked crispy tart skin. The abalone is baked with the crispy tart skin in an oven for a few minutes, and the dish is ready to serve. The price of this dish is RMB 68 per portion.



Crispy skinned beef short ribs with curry sauce 

Imported beef short ribs are cooked with secret spices. The diner dips the beef into the curry sauce. The beef is crispy, the meat is chunky, and the flavor of the curry sauce is strong and rich and will linger in your mouth.



Fried baby pigeon

This dish is one of the restaurant’s must-try dishes. The dish’s main ingredient, baby pigeon, is only 8 to 10 days in age, thus the meat is fine, smooth, and juicy after proper cooking.



Shallow-fried soaked tiger shrimp with coconut and cheese gratin

Diced bacon, diced pleurotus eryngii, diced fresh coconut meat, diced onion, cheese, and cream are stir-fried together. Then the shrimp is shallow fried in a special paste. This dish is a perfect combination of seafood, fruit, and mushroom.



Scalded soaked prawn balls topped with specially mixed salad dressing

The fresh prawns are soaked for a while and then rolled into ball shapes. Horseradish root juice is mixed with salad, condensed milk, orange juice, and lemon juice for dressing. The prawns are placed on a plate and topped with sweet-and-sour salad dressing.




Stewed Italian wild rice with fresh abalone

Italian wild rice’s nutritional content is higher than ordinary rice. When stewed with chewy fresh abalone, its gets a boost in taste and nutrition.

Recommended Soups:



Shredded tofu with precious tricholoma matsutake

Recommended Appetizers:



Honey-stewed BBQ pork




Cereal salad

Recommended Entrees:



Hong Kong curry fish ball



Sweet and sour pork with fresh fruits

Recommended Dim Sum:






Steamed Shrimp and Bamboo Shoot dumplings

Steamed shrimp dumplings, one of the most classic dim sum dishes, stands in high esteem on Ming court’s dim sum menu. Consisting of two fresh shrimp wrapped in a thin elastic wrapper, the dumpling is steamed fresh to order. The umami is amazing. Apart from the steamed shrimp dumplings, the restaurant has plenty of other must-try dim sum dishes on offer, including porridge, Guangdong steamed vermicelli rolls, and steamed stuffed buns.


Recommended Desserts:



Strawberry ice cream with Hong Kong crispy egg biscuits



Sweet glutinous rice rolls



Durian-stuffed Thai snow Mei Niang



Chilled Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo


Clean Plate Campaign


Take part in the Clean Plate Campaign at Langham Place Xiamen’s Ming Court Chinese restaurant, and obtain a pound cake valued at more than RMB 200 if you do the following:

Step1: Eat all your food so that your plate is “clean” at the end of your meal

Step2: Stack your plates together and take a picture of your “clean plates,” and share the photo to your WeChat moments with the following Chinese characters: “我在朗豪,我拒绝浪费”

Note: Every table enjoys a chance to take part in the event. For more details about the Clean Plate Campaign, feel free to ask restaurant staff.


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Friendly Reminder

Your food must be eaten in the restaurant; you may not take any food to go.
Kids under 1.2 meters in height can eat free when accompanied by two paying adults. For adults with more than two children, additional children will be charged at the promotional rate.
RMB 10 will be added to the price on Saturday and Sunday.
Please book at least one day in advance.
Business hours: 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday
                             11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on weekends
Venue: Ming Court Chinese Restaurant on the second floor of Langham Place Xiamen
Reservation hotline: 0592-5389020 or 0592-6029999 ext. 8908


Langham Place, Xiamen 厦门朗豪酒店
Address: Number 4668 Xianyue Road (adjoining Huli Wanda Plaza) 湖里区仙岳路4668号
Booking hotline: (86) 592 602 9999



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