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New all-you-can-eat dim sum at RMB98/person at Pan Pacific Xiamen

Updated: 23 Apr 2018
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Pan Pacific Xiamen’s Chinese restaurant, Hai Tien Lo, has recently expanded its offerings with a wide variety of new authentic Cantonese dishes, making the restaurant a great place to savor dim sum in Xiamen. Today, there are nearly 100 dishes in total and the all-you-can-eat entry price is only RMB 98 per person. This special offer is available from now till April 30th, 2018!


Recommended new dishes


Deep-fried dough wrapped in steamed rice 

This dish is a traditional Cantonese snack made from deep-fried dough sticks and steamed rice rolls. When served with chopped green onions and specially-made soy sauce, the dish tastes fabulous!



Turnip Crisp Nosh
The stuffing of this turnip crisp nosh contains shredded radish and small dried shrimps. After careful seasoning, the stuffing is wrapped in a pastry dough and then made into a radish shape.


Pan fried bean curd skin
Minced shrimp and other ingredients are rolled together with bean curd skin and then fried in hot oil. They are then served steamed with sweet abalone sauce. The taste of this dish is savory!




Deep -fried meat dumpling
This dish is a famous traditional snack that can be easily found in Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao. The dumpling is deep-fried to create a crispy skin. The filling typically contains pork, turnips, mushrooms, shrimp, or leek. Made from glutinous rice flour, the skin is chewy.




Guilinggao (or Tortoise jelly) 

Guilinggao is a jelly-like dessert made with prized ingredients like Olecranon turtle, Smilax glabra, Rehmannia, dandelion, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, and other herbs. With mild medicinal properties, it is suitable for people of all ages, and especially delectable during summer.


Hai Tien Lo has also launched a variety of other hot dishes such as fried taro cake, crystal dumplings filled with leek, snowy mochi, and more. The restaurant has an open cooking area serving Mao Xuewang, white radish and beef, and more. On weekends only, there are eight flavors of all-you-can-eat ice cream available at the restaurant.


 The hottest dishes  on offer


Lingnan crispy durian pastry
Pure durian fruit wrapped in a crisp filo pastry. This dish is worth trying for people who are fond of durian.





Deep-fried shrimp spring roll
This dish is one of most popular among guests at Hai Tien Lo; diners often order it repeatedly. The stuffing of this dish is fresh minced shrimp meat.


Crispy roast pork
This dish is tender and juicy on the inside and perfectly browned and crunchy on the outside. It tastes even better when dipped in one of the specially-made sauces, especially the restaurant’s yellow mustard.







Hai Tien Lo all-you-can-eat dim sum
Date: Now till April 30th, 2018
Original price: RMB 133 per person
special offer: RMB 98 per person
(An additional RMB 10 is charged on weekends and holidays)
*The above pictures are for reference only. Actual dishes may vary.

Scan the QR code to place an order through WeChat. For more information, please contact 0592-507 8888 ext. Hai Tien Lo. 

Pan Pacific Xiamen 厦门泛太平洋大酒店
Address: No.19 Hubin Bei Road, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian,China 361012 中国福建省厦门市思明区湖滨北路 19 号,361012
Reservation hotline: +86 592 507 8888
Official website:
WeChat: panpacificxiamen


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