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Appetizing summer New Zealand seafood at Marco Polo Xiamen

Updated: 12 Jul 2018
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Has the hot summer weather killed your appetite and make you yearn for something lighter and cooler to eat? You’re in luck! Shogun Japanese restaurant at Marco Polo Xiamen is offering delightful, refreshing fare from the waters of New Zealand this July and August.


The restaurant started offering fresh and appetizing New Zealand seafood from July 1st. The promotion will continue until August 31st. Prices start from RMB 98 per portion.


Freshly imported seafood is more delicious when eaten raw. Mindful of this, Shogun has made sashimi the basis of its menu. Shogun’s chef hopes to use a variety of state-of-the-art cooking methods to present diners with a unique, top-quality dining experience.



New Zealand scampi sashimi


RMB 98


New Zealand scampi sushi balls


RMB 98


New Zealand scampi rolls



RMB 98


Three New Zealand oysters sashimi



RMB 138


Shogun Japanese restaurant has been awarded:
2017 China’s Japanese restaurant of the year
2016 China’s Japanese restaurant of the year
2015 China’s best Japanese restaurant



Shogun Japanese restaurant commercial





Two short videos of Shogun cuisine

Enjoying New Zealand seafood at Shogun
Price: From RMB 98 (The rate is subject to a 10 percent service surcharge and a 6 percent VAT.)
Time: July 1st to August 31st, 2018
Venue: Shogun, on the second floor of Marco Polo Xiamen
Reservation hotline: 0592-5091888 ext.1888 (Making reservations in advance is highly recommended)
WeChat Special Offer: RMB 1,596 for a Shogun cash coupon valued at RMB 2,000, saving you RMB 404.

Please scan the QR code to place an order through the hotel’s WeChat Mall. 


About Shogun:
Shogun Japanese Restaurant offers an unobstructed view of the hustle and bustle of Yundang Lake and a unique view of the atrium of the hotel’s lobby. The restaurant offers several VIP rooms equipped with teppanyaki, sushi, and Japanese cooking equipment, and a selection of seasonal ingredients expertly prepared to create authentic Japanese cuisine.



Marco Polo Xiamen 厦门马哥孛罗东方大酒店

Address: No.8 Jianye road, hubin Bei road, ximin 36012, Fujian, China, 8 hubin beijianye road, Xiamen city, Fujian province, China
Reservation hotline:  86 0592-509 1888
Official Website:
WeChat: marcopolo-xm


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