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A bite of northwest China@Conrad Xiamen: Xinjiang and Xi'an cuisine

Updated: 22 Nov 2018
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Some say the best way to get to know and remember a new city is through its food. Perhaps you've been to China's great Northwest and you've tasted and fallen in love with the food there, but living in a southern city somehow limits you from savoring northwestern food as often as you might like. But from now till December 16th, 2018, Conrad Xiamen is offering the most authentic northwest cuisine from far-off Xinjiang and Xi'an at its Pier 38 Restaurant.


Xinjiang Cuisine 

Xinjiang Lamb Skewers

Savored by the people of Xinjiang for more than 1,800 years, Xinjiang lamb skewers are juicy and tender with a bit of spice and an attractive golden color.


Xinjiang Chicken Stew (Dapanji)
The hospitable Xinjiang people like to use large plates to serve dishes to their guests. The main ingredients of this dish are chicken, bell peppers, and potatoes. The spicy and hot dish is a Xinjiang favorite due to its rich flavor and heartiness.


Hand-pulled Mutton

Hand-pulled mutton is the most common and favorite food of the nomadic people in Xinjiang. As the name implies, hand-pulled mutton is eaten by tearing the meat apart with one's hands. After long stewing, mutton becomes very soft and tasty so that you can easily break a joint into small pieces.


Roast lamb leg bread
Roast lamb leg bread is a popular food in Xinjiang. The process of making this dish is cumbersome but well worth the effort. The final product is extremely mellow. The bread is crisp and the mutton inside is soft and fleshy.


Roast Whole Lamb
Roast whole lamb is a popular dish among the Mongol and Uyghur nationalities. Before the liberation of Xinjiang, dignitaries, landlords, and members of the upper class customarily treated guests to this dish to show hospitality.


Baked lamb buns (Samsa)
Baked lamb bun is one of the Uyghur people's favorite foods. The meat used for the stuffing is fresh lamb leg meat, usually half fat and half lean.


Xinjiang Pilaf
Pilaf is a staple and a popular delicacy for Uyghur people in Xinjiang. It is also a prominent dish that is usually served for festivals, weddings, and celebrations.



Xi'an Cuisine


Ranghe is an important dish in Jingyang county, Xi'an. People in Jingyang treat guests to this dish at all kinds of banquets. It is made from crushed cold steamed buns and minced meat.


Buckwheat Noodles

As the name suggests, buckwheat is made from buckwheat flour. Buckwheat noodles are served cold, usually seasoned with salt, mustard, and other seasonings. The dish is spicy, sour, and refreshing with a faint smell of mustard.


Gourd Chicken
Gourd chicken is a famous dish in Xi'an. The main ingredient in this dish is a special kind of chicken from Sanzhao in Xi'an. After being marinated in dozens of spices, steamed, and fried, the finished gourd chicken is tender inside and crispy outside. The finished product looks like a gourd, so it is called gourd chicken.



Camel hoof soup
Camel hoof soup appeared during the Tang dynasty. Collagen-rich camel’s hoof simmered with ginger, onion, pepper, and other ingredients makes this dish delicious and nutritious, and the soup thick and mellow.



Lazhirou is made of the meat between a pig’s hind legs and its ribs and stewed with more than 20 kinds of spices. Authentic lazhi roujiamo has a tender, melt-in-your-mouth texture and a rich, hearty aroma.


Guokui is a kind of pancake made from flour. Tradition has it that it was created by one of the laborers who were recruited to construct the Qianling tomb during the Tang Dynasty. The work was onerous and the laborers had little time for meals, so a laborer, to stave off his hunger, used his helmet as a cooking utensil to bake dough. When the cake was ready, many other laborers were attracted by its aroma. People in Shanxi like to eat Guokui with chili sauce.


Biang Biang Noodles

Biangbiang noodles, also known as Youpo mian in Chinese, is a spicy noodle dish that uses freshly made thick and wide hand-pulled noodles, drizzled with tons of hot chili oil, chili flakes, and soy-sauce-based seasoning.


November 16th to December 16th, 2018

Lunch Buffet

Price: RMB 268 per person
Time: 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Dinner Buffet
Price: RMB 368 per person
Time: 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Reservation hotline
+ 86 0592-2562256
(The above prices are subject to 15 percent service charge.)

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