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J.J. Bar & Grill - Texas flavours found at Haiwan Park

Updated: 06 Mar 2009
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Haiwan Park near Xiamen International Ferry Terminal has a new ‘Texan Kid’ in town. The J.J. Bar & Grill, which opened in Haiwan Park just two months ago, is attracting ever-greater numbers of people, who are going there to enjoy its distinctive, rugged and powerful western U.S style. And, of course, for those who come from as far away as Texas, J.J. has become a haven to ease their homesickness.
The "Lone Star State’ is sometimes given an image of being aloof and proud, like cowboys galloping across the vast open spaces of the western U.S. However, J.J. is not like that. There's a large photo hanging just outside the bar, of the bar owner, Mr. Jeff Liu, and his cooks are dressed in chef's uniforms, happy and smiling. Jeff is an American Chinese who lived in Texas for more than 20 years; he too is a chef. That photo reveals the true essence of the J.J. Bar & Grill - Welcome to J.J.! This is where you can meet Texas: warm, cordial and friendly.
On the back wall hangs a painting of a herd of horses galloping across sand dunes, with clouds of sand filling the sky. It makes you feel as if you really are in Texas, and, if there was a real horse tied up in the backyard, then the "Texas feeling" would be almost complete. But that's just a joke!
Every aspect of the J.J. Bar & Grill, is a bit of Texas: from the pure country music, the photos on the walls, the decorated wooden boards to a whole host of beer LOGOs, everything is redolent of Texas.
Jeff loves Texas so much that he has brought everything he could the thousands of miles to Xiamen. He wants to share his feelings of missing Texas with everyone who hails from there, and to share the warmth of that land with the people of Xiamen.
J.J. is not just a bar; its heart is its unique authentic Texas cuisine. Not only are the chefs from Texas, but Jeff is also an excellent cook. You may be surprised to learn that he has cooked for several Presidents of the United States! That means that not only can you enjoy the heroic style of the American west at J.J., but you may also have the chance to taste dishes that U.S. Presidents once enjoyed. And if you're really lucky, Jeff will sit down with you and share his anecdotes of those Presidents.
However, the main theme of J.J. is the authentic Texas-style cuisine.
The best way to describe how "authentic"? A Texan who has lived in Xiamen for years burst into tears when he tasted J.J.’s Texas BBQ pork chops. He said he had never tasted such an authentic Texas smoked barbecue for a long time. He said he immediately felt homesick just because of the original taste and feeling of Texas, all those thousands of miles away.
However, making such an authentic Texas barbecue, does not merely depend on the artistry of the chef; it also requires the Texas BBQ machine which was air-freighted directly from Texas.
Come and enjoy the most authentic taste of Texas at J.J., precisely what is known as "Fusion Cuisine". Jeff will have a lot of tales to share with you. Oh, and yes, don’t forget to ask him all the many meanings of "Don’t mess with Texas" – perhaps a pet phrase in Texas.
J.J. Bar & Grill
Add: No.3 Storefront, Houhai Hall, Haiwan Park, Xiamen
Opening hours: 15:00 - 02:30 ( Fri. ), 11:00 - 02:30 (Sat.& Sun.)
Tel: 0592-2034988
SOURCE: J.J Bar & Grill

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Mr Shelly Commented on 07 Jun 2013
Everything is bigger from Texas, except the food at this place. I ordered the Texas BBQ and received the 4 smallest pieces of brisket I have ever seen in my life and less than 1.5 chicken wings and some sausage... it was served on a cutting board but should have been served on a teacup saucer.... I lived in Texas before and feel so ashamed that this man has the BALLS to even associate himself with the great state of Texas is an utter disgrace!!! If you want real Texas BBQ, go to Beijing and eat at Texas Tim’s BBQ and you will pay the same price and have a pile of meat on your plate!!!

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