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Some Recommended Bakeries in Xiamen

Updated: 03 May 2007
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Many of the supermarkets such as Trust Marts, Walmart and Metro sell savory breads and pastries, apart from the usual sweet and steamed breads which are available at most China local bakeries. Many of these supermarket such as Trust Mart has their own bakeries, making both Western style and Chinese style breads and pastries. Their prices are very inexpensive compare to the ones made by the Western Bakeries.


Below is a list of recommended Western Bakeries. Nothing feel better than having been able to smell the aroma of bakery, making you hungry and feel you could down a whole loaf of bread by yourself.



Babycat's Cafe & Pastry

143 Longtou Road


Phone: +86-592- 2063651




Ground Floor of Xiamen SM Plaza



The Coffee Club Bakery

Shop 9, Guanren Lu

Phone: +86-592-5312246



799 Hexiangxi Road

Phone: +86-592- 2295530


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