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Popular Northeastern Chinese cuisine and restaurants in Xiamen

Updated: 09 May 2009
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In Xiamen, northeastern Chinese restaurants are not only popular among those from northeast China, but also are welcomed by local people for its inexpensive and delicious dishes and large portions.


In fact, there are many people in Xiamen who come from northeast China, and in particular, a great number of taxi drivers are from there.


Northeastern Chinese cuisine is a style of Chinese cuisine in Northeastern China. Many dishes originated from Manchu cuisine.


It relies heavily on preserved foods and hearty fare due to the harsh winters and relatively short growing seasons. Pickling is a very common form of food preservation and pickled cabbage (suan cai) is traditionally made by most households in giant clay pickling vats.


Unlike southern China, the staple crop in northern China is wheat and it supplies the majority of the starch found in a northern Chinese diet where it is found in the form of noodles and steamed buns.


Popular dishes include pork and chive dumplings, suan cai hot pot, cumin & caraway lamb, congee, tealeaf stewed hardboiled eggs, nian doubao (sticky rice buns with sweet bean filling), congee with several types of pickles (mustard root is highly popular), and cornmeal congee.


Perhaps the most important characteristic of Northeastern Chinese cuisine is its utilization of suan cai. Another distinct feature that separates Northeastern cuisine from other Chinese cuisines is to serve more raw vegetables and raw seafood in the coastal areas.


Northeastern Chinese restaurants can be found in every district of Xiamen. Here we listed a few recommended restaurants for you to taste authentic northeastern Chinese cuisine in Xiamen.


Thick hand-made noodles are main signature food in Northeastern cuisine



Pan fried or steamed dumplings are major food in Northeastern cuisine



 Size does matter with Northeastern cuisine, every dish is huge and so is the cut. 

They are not spicy like Sichuan food and they are much more chunky than Guangdong cuisine 


1. Lao Zhi Qing (Revolution) Dumpling Restaurant 老知青饺子府


There are four restaurants in Xiamen with bright and spacious environment. Pan-fried buns with leek (韭菜盒子), Deep fried sweet & sour pork (锅包肉), Braised chicken with mushrooms (小鸡炖蘑菇), Sauted sliced pork, eggs and black fungus(木须肉) are highly recommended dishes.


1). Address: Shop 6, No. 334 Jiahe Lu, Oriental Paris Plaza, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-5583833

2). Address: No. 66, Wenyuan Road, Xiamen

Tel: 0592- 2035118

3). Address: No. 98, Hubin Nan Road, Xiamen

Tel: 0592- 2202855

4). Address: Shop 110, No. 945, Xiahe Road, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-5169699


2. Northeast Restaurant东北馆

Address: No. 41, Lianhua Bei Road, Xiamen (opposite the Philippine Consulate General)

Tel: 0592-5138010


Their recommended dishes are Spare ribs in soy sauce(酱骨头), Di San Xian or Cooked potato, eggplant and green pepper(地三鲜), Braised spareribs with snap beans (排骨炖豆角) etc.


3. Jia Xiang Mei Restaurant 佳香美东北菜馆

Address: No. 12, Liannan Road, Xiamen (opposite Xiamen Airlines Hotel)

Tel: 0592- 5134499


4. Sheng Ji Dumpling Restaurant 盛吉东北饺子馆

Address: No. 4-6, Lianhua Bei Road, Xiamen (behind Lianhua Theatre)

Tel: 0592- 5138754



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