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Where to have Chinese lunch at Xiamen's main CBDs

Updated: 02 Jun 2009
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As China globalizes, so are all its major cities. Cosmopolitan, once an alien terminology to these big cities, is now a common phenomenon. Xiamen, being a popular destination for some foreign companies, Chinese companies, foreign expats and inter-provincial migration, its city population has doubled and trebled over the past few years. With the diverse backgrounds of its population, fast pace living and demand for quality, restaurants and cafes in Xiamen have evolved with this latest environment.


Lunches served at the CBDs of Xiamen vary, some are fast, and others are catered for long business lunches. Whatever it is that you are looking for, there is one that suit you,


WOX has listed a few pockets of the city where you can take yourselves for a quick lunch or take your clients for a long business lunch.


1. Hubin Beilu Area


The Hubin Beilu area is adjacent to Xiamen’s unique artificial lake –Yundang Lake, and is surrounded by large office buildings such as Zhong-Min Building, Xing-Ye Building, Jian-Ye Building, and Waimao Building.


There are many banks gathering here and many multinational companies opened their offices in this area. It is also a popular place among Xiamen’s expats who live or work here.


a)    Le Chinois Chinese Restaurant    乐轩华中餐厅

Address: 4F Sofitel Plaza, No.19 Hubin Beilu, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-5113822


The restaurant serves 5 executive business lunch packages to satisfy the needs of nearby office workers. Each sells for RMB 58 per person. Each set contains 5 courses including one main dish, one cold dish, one soup, one staple, food and one dessert or fruit.


With balanced nutrition, good price and comfortable environment, these sets are a good choice for a convenient and time-saving lunch.


b)    Wanglaixuan Cantonese Restaurant    旺来轩港式茶餐厅

Address: 1F Yihao Business Hotel, No. 40, Hubin Bei Road, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-530333 ext. 8885


One of the special foods in the Wanglaixuan Restaurant is Baozaifan 煲仔饭 (rice cooked in clay pots). It you are tired of flavorless cooked rice, go and try Baozaifan, and that will bring you a different flavor of cooked ice.


In Wanglaixuan, they serve four kinds of Baozaifan with different flavours. Potted rice cooked with cured meat (腊味煲仔饭), vegetables and cured meat on a base of steamed rice, potted rice cooked with chop and spring onion (香葱排骨煲仔饭), potted rice cooked with frog (田鸡煲仔饭), and potted rice cooked with chicken and mushroom (香菇滑鸡煲仔饭). Among them, potted rice cooked with cured meat is the most popular dish among Cantonese.


c)    Caixianggen Hunan Restaurant    菜香根酒楼

Address: 1F-2F, Zhengye Building, No. 108 Hubin Beilu, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-2281666


The restaurant serves authentic Hunan cuisines such as Steamed Fish Head with Chopped Red Chili (剁椒鱼头), Stir-fried pork in Farmer Style (农家小炒肉), Fried sour and hot crisp maw (酸辣脆肚) etc.


It is suitable for dinners that want a heavy flavour just because Hunan cuisines are very spicy. Dining together with friends or colleagues is recommended.


d)    Shuyou Seafood Restaurant 舒友海鲜大酒楼

Address: 1-4F Podium Building of Bank of China Bldg, North Hubin Road, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-5098888


e)    Buer Zhai Noodle Restaurant 不二斋面馆 (官任店)

Address: No. 18, Jianye Road, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-5037367


f)     Bao Gui Restaurant 宝贵风味 (中行店)

Address: No. 4, 1F of apartment building of Zhongxinhuiyang(中信惠扬大厦) Bldg. Hubin Bei Road, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-5032239 (Seafood, snack)



2. The Bank Centre Area


High class office buildings stand in numbers in this area such as the Bank Centre Building, Yuanyang Building, Yili Building, and others. The International Cuisine Street in Overseas Chinese Seaview Town is frequently visited by white-collar workers.


a)    Fumanlou Seafood Restaurant 福满楼鱼翅海鲜大酒楼

Address: 6F, Bank Centre Building, No.189 Xiahe Lu, Xiamen   

Tel: 0592-2682188         2682388


A Cantonese restaurant with good prices and it offers 40% discount on Afternoon Tea all year round. Enjoying some light dim sums is a nice choice after a heavy meal.


b)    Longshangrenjia Shaanxi Restaurant 陇上人家西北餐厅

Address: No. 155 Xiaoxue Lu, Xiamen (opposite to Xiamen No. 6 High School)

Tel: 0592-2239576


They serve authentic northwest Chinese dishes. Their muttons are directly freighted by air from Lanzhou, the capital city of northwest China’s Gansu Province. Recommended dishes are Grilled fish in western China style (西部烤鱼), Stir-fried Chicken in Big Dish (大盘鸡), and other muslim characteristic food.


c)    Yanggongguan Mutton Restaurant羊公馆

Address: No. 141, Hexiang Xilu, Taihu Xincheng(太湖新城), Xiamen

Tel: 0592-2215227


d)    Judexuan Hunan Restaurant 聚德轩湘菜馆

Address: Shop G2/G3, No. 91, Hexiang Xilu, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-23871372387127


e)    Xinwanjiao Cantonese Restaurant 新旺角港式茶餐厅

Address: No. 8-52, Lianbang Plaza(联邦广场), Hexiang Xilu, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-22323682681068


f)     Shang Yang Shi Bu Taiwanese Restaurant 尚养食补

Address: Shop C21, Overseas Chinese Sea View Town(华侨海景城), Hexiangxi Erlu, Xiamen

Tel: 0592- 2687668


g)    Huaxiwang Powered Beef 花溪王记牛肉粉

Address: 1F Huahong Huayuan (华鸿花园), No. 317, Hexiang Xilu, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-2213419


3. Jiangtou Area


The Jiangtou business circle is a rapidly developing area which has the Xiamen Daily Building, China Telcom Building, Chang’an Building, and others The Jiangtou Delicacy City, the gourmet street in Oriental Paris Plaza, and a number of small restaurants near Lianhua Sancun are frequently visited by nearby office workers.


a)    My Best Coffee 我佳咖啡

Address: Shop 20-24, No. 334 Jiahe Lu, Oriental Paris Plaza, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-5512288         5521466


My Best Coffee is a chain restaurant in Xiamen. It is not crowded with a comfortable environment and clean layout. They serve Chinese and Western food and a selection of set lunches.


b)    Lao Zhi Qing (Revolution) Dumpling Restaurant 老知青饺子府

Address: Shop 6, No. 334 Jiahe Lu, Oriental Paris Plaza, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-5583833


This is a bright and spacious restaurant that serves authentic northeast China cuisine. Dumplings, fried sweet & sour pork slices (锅包肉), braised chicken with mushrooms (小鸡炖蘑菇) are highly recommended dishes.


c)    Hao Chi Sichuan Restaurant 好吃川菜馆

Address: No. 90 Taiwan Street, near Sansiro Hotel, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-5558036


This small Sichuan restaurant serves dishes with authentic Chengdu flavour. Their Mapo Tofu (麻婆

豆腐) and sweet & sour ribs (糖醋排骨) are must eat dishes.


d)    Gu Zhi Wei Hot Pot Restaurant骨之味

Address: No. 328/ 9-11, Jiahe Road, Huli District, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-5256161


e)    Hu Jing Hubei Restaurant 湖锦人家

Address: No. 62, Xiangxiu Li (香秀里), Lianhua area, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-5200552


f)     Yu Man Tang Barbecue Restaurant 鱼满堂农夫烧烤

Address: Jiang Tou Dong Lu, just behind the Marriott Hotel, near Taiwan Street, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-5554136



4. Lianban Area


The Lianban area, near Xiamen railway station, is a bustling district with a large stream of travelers and business people.


After successful transformation of the old Lianban area and the introduction of the Mingfa Shopping Mall, New View Century City, Paragon Centre, and others, now the 2-kilometer commercial zone has more than 40 business buildings with over 6,000 companies gathering here. It is compared to the 'wealth belt on Jiahe Road'.


a)    Revolving Restaurant of Minnan Building闽南大酒店旋转餐厅

       Address: 34F, Minnan Bldg, No. 26-34, Hubin Nan Road, Xiamen

       Tel: 0592-5181188-6206


b)    Hua Xing Restaurant华兴大酒楼

       Address: 1F, Yibao Bldg, No. 328, Hubin Nan Road, Xiamen

       Tel: 0592-5819739


c)    Jin Yong Fu Restaurant金永福酒家

       Address: Jinbang Bldg, No. 480, Xiahe Road, Xiamen

       Tel: 0592-3998999


d)    Bing Lang Restaurant槟榔餐厅

       Address: Fujin Street (Dongming crossing), Fengyu Road, Xiamen

Tel: 0592- 5080669


e)    Xiao You Yu Seafood Restaurant 小鱿鱼

Address: No. 156, JiangJunCi, Wenyuan Road, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-20249928


f)     Yufantian Grilled Fish鱼翻天

Address: 1F Mingfa Commercial Mall, near Jinyi Cinema, Siming District, Xiamen


g)    Lao Lao Jia Private Kitchen 姥姥家私房菜

Address: No. 43, Dongping Erli(东坪二里), Dongping Shanzhuang, Dongpu Rd, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-5819800


h)    Tao Ran Jun Sichuan Restaurant 陶然居

       Address: No. 813 Hunbin Nan road, Xiamen

       Tel: 0592-6768778


i)     Shan Li Ren Jia Hakka Restaurant 山里人家

       Address: No. 28, Hexiang Dong Road, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-5178779


j)     Yami Restaurant 雅米小菜馆

       Address: 248-30, Houdaixi Road, Xiamen

       Tel: 0592-5859989


5. Huli Area


Huli District is located in the north of Xiamen Island. It is the heart of Xiamen Special Economic Zone. Huli District administers Jiangtou, Heshan, Jingshan, Huli and Dianqian. It covers land area of 61.41km2 which is 46.33% of the entire island. Huli District is the centre for commerce, science, education, sports, tourism and culture.


Huli District has very modern and developed infrastructure such as the Gaoqi International Airport, Municipal road network, regional road network, city communication network and water, electricity, gas and sewage disposal system. The northern coast of Huli District boasts a deep water port.


a)       Hot n Spicy Sichuan Restaurant 香辣诱惑川味餐厅

Address: Smart Hero Club, No. 625, Xianyue Road, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-5551111


b)       Luyuan Seafood Restaurant鹭苑粤式海鲜餐厅

Address: 2F, Xianglu Grand Hotel, No. 18, Changhao Road, Huli District, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-2638888


c)       Lufa Restaurant鹭发美食大庄园

Address: No.22 Waikou Mansion, Haitian Road, Huli District, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-5658888


d)       Meilihua Restaurant美丽华大酒店

Address: No. 27, Xinglong Road, Huli District, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-6031666-8125


e)       Zhebin Restaurant 珍滨大酒楼

Address: No. 87-89, Haitian Road, Huli District, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-6032116


f)         Xiang Jiang Hong restaurant 湘江红酒楼

Address: 1F, Luhui Bldg, No. 65, Haitian Road, Huli District, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-6039955


g)       Guo Rong Restaurant国荣排骨

Address: No. 52, Haitian Road, Huli District, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-6022667


h)    U B C Coffee 上岛咖啡(湖里总店)

       Address: No. 66, Haitian Road, Huli District, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-6021955 




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