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Cantonese passion on Baozaifan (Clay Hot Pot Rice)

Updated: 11 Jun 2009
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Hong Kong-style Tea Café (港式茶餐厅) is actually a new type of Cantonese restaurant which is quickly spreading overseas and the mainland China. It is known for its eclectic and affordable menus which include many dishes from Hong Kong cuisine and Hong Kong-style Western cuisine. This type of restaurant is also popular in Macau. They can also be found in the Chinatown districts of many Western countries.
Hong Kong-style Tea Café serves a wide range of food, from steak to wonton and noodles to curry to sandwiches. Both fast food and à-la-carte dishes are available.
Fujian and Guangdong, the two neighboring provinces in southern China, have long been influenced with each other in dietary habits. Cantonese restaurants are also very popular in Xiamen for a long time.
There is a good selection of these kind of restaurants in Xiamen, and their quality and price vary. Wanglaixuan Hong Kong-style Tea Café (旺来轩港式茶餐厅) in Yihao Hotel is a fairly good place for you to have an authentic yet affordable dining experience of Cantonese or Hong Kong-style cuisine.
Nice enviroment with neat dining tables and good services in Wanglaixuan
With a good dining environment and reasonable price, it is a comfortable place for lunch or dinner, especially for business diners.
The most brilliant specialty of this restaurant is Baozaofan (Clay Hot Pot Rice)
Baozaifan steams the rice in a clay hot pot. It is the traditional Cantonese cate. The style of the hot pot rice can be more than twenty types such as Chinese sausage, ground pork and preserved pork.
Baozaifan is absolutely a traditional and authentic Cantonese cuisine. The rice is steamed in a clay hot pot with fragrant foods on top.
Generally, on the top of the ricd is often put different kinds of Chinese preserved meat, and as the rice being streamed, both the aroma of the preserved meats and the scent of the clay pot permeate the rice.
The longer the rice is steamed, the more the fragrant the rice becomes, so it is better to order ahead or order it first. This food will never fail to impress diners. Having Baozaifan is very popular in Southern China.
Well cooked Baozaifan is intriguing in both appearance and taste. The rice is nice and firm, all witt a light coating dripping from the cured meat. The best part is the crispy burnt rice at the bottom and sides.
Potted Rice cooked with Spareribs and Scallions and Potted Rice cooked with Cured meat
In Wanglaixuan, they serve four kinds of Baozaifan with different flavours. Potted Rice cooked with Spareribs and Scallions, Potted Rice cooked with Cured meat, Potted Rice cooked with Frog, and Potted rice cooked with chicken and mushroom.
Among them, the most popular one is the Potted Rice cooked with Spareribs and Scallions. The tender spareribs are arrayed above the rice, and then sprinkled with chopped scallions.
As the pot clay keeps the flavor at the maximum, this dish presents a goluptious potted rice good in color, smell, taste and appearance. Also, delicious and nutritious Chinese soup will be served alongside the dish, and the cost is just 28RMB/portion.
If you prefer a healthy dinner with lower calories, you can try porridge. In Wanglaixuan, there are 10 flavors of porridge. Some popular flavours are porridge with sliced fish, porridge with chicken and mushroom and porridge with beef. They will all satisfy your tastes, and serve you a reasonable price at the same time. Te price for sliced fish porridge and beef porridge is just 18RMB/portion.
Also, there are three Canton style set meals for the business dinner. Rice with seven dishes and Cantonese nutritious soup can let a party of 3-5 peoples enjoy a good portion each.
In WOX Today's Menu, there are some other special dishes from the Yihao Business Hotel recommended every week.
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Wanglaixuan Hong Kong-style Tea Café
Address: 1F, Yihao Business Hotel, Bank of China Building, No. 40 Hubinbei Road, Xiamen
Bus: L5, 12, 26, 31, 36, 60, 72, 85, 87, 88, 522, 805, get off at Binbei Zhonghang (滨北中行) Bus Stop
Opening hours: 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.
Phone: 0592-530333 ext. 8885
SOURCE: Yihao Business Hotel
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