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Snacking while shopping at Xiamen's oldest st, Zhongshan Rd

Updated: 13 Aug 2009
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Zhongshan Road, the oldest business street in Xiamen


Zhongshan Road, the oldest business street in Xiamen, is considered as a "must see" location for travelers to Xiamen. Zhongshan Road of Xiamen is just like Wangfujing of Beijing, Nanjing Road of Shanghai, Manhattan of New York, or Ginza of Tokyo.


Walking or shopping at Zhongshan Road, you will find a street with a combination of modern features and historical flavours: with busy, modern shopping malls and the unique and ancient arcade buildings.


As the oldest shopping street, Zhongshan Road is home to many, famous, and popular restaurants. Some restaurants have a long history and others specialise in providing authentic local flavours and tastes.


Pizza Hut


Pizza Hut nestling at the top floor of Haibin Mansion


There are many Pizza Hut fast food outlets in Xiamen, but the one at Zhongshan Road is the oldest one in Xiamen. It is located at the 24th floor of Haibin Mansion and is said to be the highest Pizza Hut in the world. While dining in this Pizza Hut, you can get a wonderful view of Gulangyu Island.

Address: 24th floor of Haibin Mansion, Xiamen

Tel:  0592-2033876


Huang Zehe Peanut Soup Shop



Huang Zehe and its peanut soup

Huang Zehe can be considered as one of the oldest restaurants in Xiamen. The restaurant was built in the 1940s. When you dine in Huang Zehe, peanut soup is a "must have" delicacy. The soup is sweet and the peanuts are soft when cooked. Whilst there, you can also buy the most authentic local flavours of Huang Zehe pies, rice cakes, and moon-cakes in Xiamen. It is popular with both local people and travelers.


Address: No.22 Zhongshan Road, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-2024670


Datong Duck Meat Congee



Datong duck meat congee

As a local snack, duck meat congee is one of the most favourite food for Xiamen locals at breakfast. Baicheng Datong Duck Meat Congee is the most popular dish eaten by locals. The congee is served with braised duck meat or duck tendons, tasting salty and delicious. Then having an additional fried bread stick or a fried pan-cake, you will have a nourishing, satisfying breakfast.

Address: No.128 Datong Road, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-2114906


Dazhong Shacha Noodle



Dazhong Shacha Noodle

Dazhong Shacha Noodle Restaurant is one of the restaurants where one can taste authentic Shacha Noodle in Xiamen. A Taiwan TV program has even given high praise for its shacha noodle. The well mixed blends of Shacha sauce, peanut sauce and tea make an appetizing Shacha noodle. You can add any food materials you like in the noodle like pig's liver, pig's kidney, duck's tendon, and dried tofu. Whilst in Dazhong Shacha Noodle Restaurant, you can also taste other Xiamen snacks such as spring roll, Mianxianhu (Gluey Noodles) and rice glutinous dumplings.

Address: No.49 Zhongshan Road, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-2058779



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