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Antoines' soft opening

Updated: 16 Sep 2009
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Tenderlion Steak done medium rare, very tender and succulent
So, WOX Food and Wine takes you back to 'Antoines' at the Seaview Resort.

The soft opening is over, the 'CIFIT hordes’ have left, serenity has returned and all is peaceful - (other than the quiet drama surrounding the delay in delivery of the Italian Coffee Machine).

We had lunch and it was exactly as Antoine described in our conversations pertaining to their outlook and planned concept. 'A tribute to the five senses' !

I had: Black peppered carpaccio of fresh Atlantic salmon drizzled with lemon infused olive oil - followed by a char-grilled duck breast served over a sauterne marinaded comfit of fresh fruits - staggering.

She had: an 'Assiette of charcuterie' - a plate of cold meats, that consisted of pate de foie gras (home made) coppa, ham, speck and salami de Milano with a huge dill pickle - followed by Fillets of Turbot sauce Americaine topped with crayfish - she loved it.

Two courses, more than enough for lunch although we left 'stuffed' because of the bread basket filled with the 'house made' baguettes - the best bread I have ever tasted.

An affordable lunch that far outreached our expectations - I do hope that they can maintain this standard.
The Staff are all young and obviously inexperienced, but get 8 out of 10 for their extremely gracious yet nervous exuberance - lovely people.

There's more to come - stay with us ---

WOX connoisseur @ Antoines'
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