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Wholesome & tasty food @ AFD Western Bakery & Restaurant

Updated: 11 Nov 2009
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This is Bill and my favorite restaurant in Xiamen.  We not only love the food but also the atmosphere, with their soothing, quiet music playing in the background, and stained-glass lamps on every table.  We leave feeling great, knowing the food was cooked in an ultra-clean kitchen with only the best ingredients and without the high price tag.
From left to right: Alex, Daniel, Fuji, Tina & two chef's
Pictured is the most wonderful fish burger, fries and small “Shannon” salad.  The fish burger tasted like Cod fish and was the best I have ever eaten!  You can't beat the 15 RMB price!  Bill had the vegetarian cheeseburger which is also good, but after tasting my fish burger he decided he would have that next time.
Alex making a pizza and Fuji with their 2 year-old son Daniel in their immaculately clean kitchen! Alex wasn't there on our last visit, so I added pictures of him from an earlier visit.
On the shelves are some of their freshly baked muffins, bread and apple pies.  They also make their own chicken pies, beef pies and vegetarian bean pies.
Bill & Sue Brown relaxing at the A.F.D. Restaurant, also known as Pappy's Pizza & Pies.  Alex is Austrian with Hungarian descent and his last name is Papp--so he is also known as Pappy.
A.F.D.'s is located at 918-16E, Lian Qian Road, before the Exhibition Center.  Hua Lin Bus Stop:  No.19, 30, 47, 517,530, 108, 805.  The end of the BRT line is one block past their restaurant
They are closed Friday 6 p.m. to Saturday 6 p.m. They are open at 6 p.m. on Saturday or you can eat there for lunch on Fridays. If unsure--call Pappy at 597-8927.
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SOURCE: Amoysue for A.F.D. Western Style Bakery & Restaurant
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