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Roasted Whole Lamb - a famous Xinjiang dish popular in Xiamen

Updated: 06 Jan 2010
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The naturally rich, heady flavour of a roasted lamb is irresistible
As one of the most famous dishes in Xinjiang, roasted whole lamb shares the same fame with Beijing duck and crispy BBQ suckling pig.
This dish is produced with good materials through special recipes. While the lamb is slaughtered, the hoofs and the bowels are removed; preparing a special paste with fine flour slated water, eggs, curcuma, pepper and cumin powder, and then applying the paste evenly on every part of the lamb.
The lamb is then impaled by a stick from the head to the tail. Finally, the lamb is put into a particular pit which is then closed and after that, the lamb is roasted for about 2 hours with constant turning and observing.
Whole roasted lamb takes on a yellow color, with crispy skin and soft meat. The mutton tastes fresh without a sheep odor, thus getting its fame throughout the country or even the whole world because of the crisp skin, tender meat and the pleasant flavour.
By taking a knife and cutting the mutton from the lamb, you can eat till the moment when your bellies ache.
A roasted lamb costs about 800 to 1,000 yuan in Xiamen. If you have only 3 to 5 people, you can order a leg of lamb instead of a whole lamb. As the lamb should be roasted for a long time, you had better make an appointment before you go.
Restaurants recommended for tasting Roasted Whole Lamb in Xiamen:
Xinjiang Afunti Restaurant 新疆阿凡提饭店
Add: Yuanchang Building, No. 170, Hexiang Dong Road. Siming District, Xiamen
Tel: 0592-5819220 
Flavor: Xinjiang Uyghur Food 
Gu Han Sen 古翰森
Add: No.27, Lingxiangli, Siming District
Tel: 0592-5284497
Flavor: Lanzhou private kitchen
Xinjiang Islam Restaurant 新疆伊斯兰饭庄
Add: No. 180, Changqing Road, Siming District
Tel: 0592-5046879
Flavor: Xinjiang Uyghur Food
Xinyou Hotel 新油酒店
Add: No. 16, Lianhua Nan Road
Tel: 0592-5132352
Flavor: Xinjiang Uyghur Food
Yang Ba Lang新疆羊巴郎
Add: 28, Lianhua Xianglianli (Mo'er Lianhua Square), Siming District
Tel: 0592-5239739
Flavor: Xinjiang Urghur Food
Ming Yang Tian Xia 名羊天下
Add: No.69, Jianbang Road思明区金榜路69
Tel: 0592-5805553 5806663
Flavor: Xinjiang Urghur Food
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