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World's Best Cream Puff: Beard Papa's in Xiamen

Updated: 23 Jan 2010
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Beard Papa’s in Xiamen


In the first floor of the Tiger City, there is an interesting small shop that emitted a fragrance of vanilla and baked goods. They are advertising the World's Best Cream Puff here.


Beard Papa‘s, which originated in Osaka, Japan and seems to be successfully spreading in many areas of the world, has now come to Xiamen, China.


Beard papa’s puff selection


Entering the Beard Papa‘s, you will be surrounded by the sweet aroma of their fresh puffs. The way they serve the simple cream puff is somewhat of a production. The server takes a cream puff shell, then places it under the filling device, pulls down the handle, the device pokes a hole inside the cream puff and fills it. Some powdered sugar is sprinkled on top, the puffs are placed in paper and then you can have your treat.


You can choose multiple flavours (vanilla custard, chocolate, coffee, pumpkin, green tea, earl grey tea, strawberry and more). Their famous classic cream filling is described on their site as: "Made with all natural ingredients and is abundant with the highest quality, imported vanilla beans grains available". The custard sauce is not as thick as a pastry cream but melts in your mouth!


The Fondant Au Chocolate


They also have coffee, juices, mochi ice cream, some fondants and chocolates. The Fondant Au Chocolate is amazing and most popular. A single serving of chocolate cake made with the finest Belgian chocolate. To fully enjoy the delicious, oozing chocolate center, be sure to warm it up before serving. Eat it with ice cream and its even better.


Beard Papa's
Add: F1, Tiger City, No.188, Siming Nan Road (at the intersection of Zhongshan Lu and Siming Nan Lu)



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playapapa Commented on 26 Oct 2014
Anyone know if this is still open?
jimtan Commented on 22 Mar 2011
i have to go here.
amoysue Commented on 27 Jan 2010
We had trouble finding this place but finally did and the cream puffs are awesome! Its to the right of Bread Talk in the mall next to TrustMart on SiMing

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