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Ado Magic Village Restaurant: enjoy the fun of magic

Updated: 06 Feb 2010
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Situated in the downtown area of Xiamen, Ado Magic Village Restaurant is an interesting, exciting place to visit. Everything here is magic themed – from the decor and names of the menu items to the various magic devices. Children as well as adults can have a magic adventure and create lifelong memories.



Customers who come here for the first time may be confused by the various kinds of magic devices. The door of this magic world will not open to you unless you put your hand on a crystal ball to let it test your magic power. Entering into the restaurant, there are more tests being prepared for you. If you are powerful enough, you can create many fantastic magical effects and even win a wizard badge.




The restaurant is divided into five magic areas –fire, cloud, music, light and power. Different area has different style of decoration and magic effects.




Their foods and drinks are also very fancy. The dishes are covered under silver witch's hat while the drinks are put in well designed bottles, just like colourful magic potions.


If you need some helps, just call “Ado” and the smiling waitress will come to you. And if you go to the restaurant on your birthday, you can also get a special birthday cake for free.


Add: No.929, Xiahe Road (near the Xiamen Railway Station)

Tel: 0592-5175672



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