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WOX Map is a system using the GPS in your mobile devices or PC to guide you to the business that you want to visit via Internet or Google Android or iPhone. WOX Map shows you how to get to the address by guiding you in the quickest way in great detail. Data of names and addresses of businesses, venues or shops are collected and stored in categories, making searching fast and easy.This ... more

Apple Travel Agency

C–Name: 厦门苹果林商务咨询有限公司
Address: Shop 20, Guanren Road, Siming District
C–Address: 厦门市官任路临街店面20号
Tel: 0592-5053122
Posted On 27 Feb 2013

Crowne Plaza Paragon-Asian Delights (Thai, Japanese and Teppanyaki Restaurant)

C–Name: 磐基皇冠假日酒店泛亚主题餐厅(泰国、日本及铁板烧料理)
Address: No. 199 Jiahe Road Siming District, Xiamen Fujian, P.R.China
C–Address: 中国福建省厦门市思明区嘉禾路199号
Tel: (86)592 5399999 Ext.
Posted On 27 Feb 2013

Crowne Plaza Paragon Xiamen

C–Name: 厦门磐基皇冠假日酒店
Address: No.199 Jiahe Road, Xiamen
C–Address: 厦门市嘉禾路199号
Tel: 86-592-5399999
Posted On 27 Feb 2013

Marco Polo Xiamen Hotel

C–Name: 厦门马哥孛罗东方大酒店
Address: No.8 Jianye Road, Hubin Bei, Xiamen
C–Address: 厦门市湖滨北建业路8号
Tel: 0592-5091888
Posted On 27 Feb 2013

Xiamen Seaview Resort

C–Name: 海悦山庄酒店
Address: No.3999, Huandao Road, Siming District, Xiamen
C–Address: 厦门市思明区环岛南路3999号
Tel: 0592-5023333
Posted On 27 Feb 2013

Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen

C–Name: 厦门海景千禧酒店
Address: No.12-8 Zhenhai Road,Xiamen,Fujian 361001,P.R.China
C–Address: 中国福建省厦门市镇海路12号之8
Tel: 86-592-202 3333
Posted On 27 Feb 2013

Pan Pacific Xiamen

C–Name: 厦门泛太平洋酒店
Address: 19 Hubin Bei Road, Xiamen
C–Address: 厦门湖滨北路19号
Tel: +86 592 5078888
Posted On 27 Feb 2013

The MISS Cafe

C–Name: 厦门
Address: 43 Jialianli, Jiahe Road, Siming District, Xiamen
C–Address: 厦门市
Tel: 5233101
Posted On 23 May 2017


C–Name: 语富
Address: Room 303, 98 Qiancunpu Str., Siming District, Xiamen City (In the vicinity of the Exhibition Centre)
C–Address: 厦门市思明区前村埔路98号303室
Tel: (0592)2295780/ 22957
Posted On 04 Mar 2015

The Coffee Club

C–Name: 咖伦比面包
Address: Shop10, Jixiang Jiayuan, No.1 Jianye Road, Hubinbei Road&Shop114, No, 12 Hongwen Avenue 7
C–Address: 建业路吉祥家园1号之10店面&洪文七里12号114店面
Tel: 0592-5312246/0592-50
Posted On 28 Sep 2014

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