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WOX Map is a system using the GPS in your mobile devices or PC to guide you to the business that you want to visit via Internet or Google Android or iPhone. WOX Map shows you how to get to the address by guiding you in the quickest way in great detail. Data of names and addresses of businesses, venues or shops are collected and stored in categories, making searching fast and easy.This ... more

Daring Duck

C–Name: 大胆鸭
Address: At the beach between Hulishan Fort and Zhenzhuwan, Huandaonan road, Siming district
C–Address: 厦门市思明区环岛南路,胡里山炮台与珍珠湾之间的海湾沙滩
Tel: 40089-70070
Posted On 04 Jun 2014

King's Internetional English

C–Name: 白金汉英语
Address: 1st & 2nd Floor, Jiandong Mansion, No.493, Bailuzhou Rd, Xiamen
C–Address: 厦门市思明区白鹭洲路493号建东大厦1-2层
Tel: 0592-2220456
Posted On 20 Nov 2013

Overseas Education College of Minnan Normal University

C–Name: 闽南师范大学海外教育学院
Address: Overseas Education College of Minnan Normal University,36 XianQianZhi Street,Zhangzhou City Fujian,China
C–Address: 福建省漳州市芗城区县前直街36号闽南师范大学逸夫楼西区105室海外教育学院
Tel: 0596-2598865
Posted On 28 Aug 2013

Modern Chinese Center

C–Name: 厦门柏林汉语培训中心
Address: Room 2508, NO.2 building, Hai Wan Xin Cheng, North Hubin Road(near the Pan Pacific Hotel)
C–Address: 厦门湖滨北路27号(KFC后)海湾新城2号楼2508
Tel: Bonnie 15980811360
Posted On 20 Aug 2013

O2 Sun Bookstore Xiamen University Branch

C–Name: 光合作用书屋厦大店
Address: No.408-3 Siming Nan Road, (next to Bank of China in Xiamen University area)
C–Address: 思明南路408-3号
Tel: 0592-2093427 2090426
Posted On 27 Feb 2013

Times Langauge Training Center

C–Name: 时代语言培训中心
Address: Hui Cheng Da Sha 4 Floor
C–Address: 汇成大厦4楼
Tel: 0592-5858882
Posted On 27 Feb 2013

King's International English

Address: Jinxiu Plaza, No.243-17, North Hubin Rd, Xiamen
C–Address: 厦门市湖滨北路243号之17锦绣广场
Tel: 0592-5572531
Posted On 27 Feb 2013

The Language Key Ltd

Address: 26/F, Anlian Building, 4018 Jin Tian Road
Tel: 86 (755) 33955844/33
Posted On 27 Feb 2013

Xiamen University

C–Name: 厦门大学
Address: No.422, Siming Nan Road, Siming District, Xiamen
C–Address: 厦门市思明区思明南路422号
Tel: 0086-592-2184792
Posted On 27 Feb 2013

Xiamen WECL English School

C–Name: 厦门韦氏英语
Address: Qiaofucheng, Lianqian East Road
C–Address: 厦门市莲前东路侨福城侨兴里26号
Tel: 0592-5999501
Posted On 27 Feb 2013

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