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WOX Map is a system using the GPS in your mobile devices or PC to guide you to the business that you want to visit via Internet or Google Android or iPhone. WOX Map shows you how to get to the address by guiding you in the quickest way in great detail. Data of names and addresses of businesses, venues or shops are collected and stored in categories, making searching fast and easy.This ... more

Apple Travel Agency

C–Name: 厦门苹果林商务咨询有限公司
Address: Shop 20, Guanren Road, Siming District
C–Address: 厦门市官任路临街店面20号
Tel: 0592-5053122
Posted On 27 Feb 2013

Yundang Lake Cruise Tour

C–Name: 筼筜雅游
Address: Bailuzhou East Rd, Siming District, Xiamen (beside the Great Goddess Square or Bailu Nvshen Square).
C–Address: 厦门市思明区白鹭洲公园白鹭女神码头
Tel: 0592-2297392/1330601
Posted On 25 Feb 2014

Lundu Ferry Square

C–Name: 厦门轮渡广场
Posted On 27 May 2013

Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center

C–Name: 厦门国际会展中心
Address: No.198 Huizhan Rd, Siming District, Xiamen
C–Address: 福建省厦门思明区会展路198号
Tel: 0086-592-5959898
Posted On 05 Apr 2013

Beijing LEEO Consulting Service Co., Ltd.

Address: Room 1503, Aviation Mansion, No. 2 Jia, Xidawang Road, Chaoyang Distrcit, 100026 Beijing
C–Address: Room 1503, Aviation Mansion, No. 2 Jia, Xidawang Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel: 010-65924495/6
Posted On 27 Feb 2013


Address: Jiageng Building, Xiada, Xiamen, China
Tel: 189 6561 9269
Posted On 27 Feb 2013

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