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WOX Map is a system using the GPS in your mobile devices or PC to guide you to the business that you want to visit via Internet or Google Android or iPhone. WOX Map shows you how to get to the address by guiding you in the quickest way in great detail. Data of names and addresses of businesses, venues or shops are collected and stored in categories, making searching fast and easy.This ... more

Fat Beer Horse/Amoy Brau

C–Name: (胖胖啤酒马)
Address: No.73 Daxue Road,Siming District,Xiamen
C–Address: 厦门市思明区大学路73号
Tel: 13225033774
Posted On 29 May 2014

Easy Rider Saloon & Music Club

C–Name: 乡村骑士音乐吧
Address: No.6 Huyuan Lu(30 meters down hill of Bailu Hoteling, Xiamen, Fujian, China)
C–Address: 厦门思明区虎圆路6号(白鹭宾馆旁/警备区斜对面)
Tel: 18030146732
Posted On 11 Sep 2013

Helen's Hangout

C–Name: Helen's 西餐吧
Address: Xiamen Museum outlet: Room 104, No.483 in Siming South Road
Wenyuan Road outlet: No.56 Wenyuan Road
Binlang Road outlet: No.3 Binglang Road (Lianyi Square)
Fujin outlet: No.283 Shuanghan Road (Fujin Commercial Street)
C–Address: 博物馆店:思明南路483号104店面
Posted On 09 Sep 2013

Nationwide Trading Co.Ltd.

Address: 114 Jiaying Building, No.19 Xiahe Road, Xiamen,China
Tel: +86 592 239 8098
Posted On 27 Feb 2013

Granway Coffee

Address: 316jia he road
Tel: 5566033
Posted On 27 Feb 2013

Wine House

Address: 12 Hexiang West Road
C–Address: 禾祥西路12号
Tel: 0592 2386 777
Posted On 27 Feb 2013

Honey Bar & Club

C–Name: 哈尼吧
Address: Haiwan Park, Siming Distrit, Xiamen
C–Address: 厦门思明区海湾公园
Tel: 0592-2637777
Posted On 27 Feb 2013

Smart Hero Club

C–Name: 骏豪会
Address: No. 625, Xianyue Road, Xiamen (next to the newest SM Shopping mall)
C–Address: 厦门仙岳路625号(SM城市广场2期旁)
Tel: 86-592-5551111
Posted On 27 Feb 2013

Neptune Club (Joyful Club House)

C–Name: 海神香悦(国际)会所
Address: 1F, Linyuen Pavilion, Yeohwa Hotel, No.101 Yuehua Road, Huli District, Xiamen
C–Address: 厦门市湖里区悦华路101号厦门悦华酒店凌云阁一楼
Tel: 13950157904 / 0592-8
Posted On 27 Feb 2013

Phoenix18 Cafe Bar

Address: No. 18 Feng Huang Xi Li, Hubin Bei Road, Xiamen (Behind Pan Pacific Hotel formerly Sofitel Hotel)
C–Address: 滨北肯德基后面的世纪海湾小区,伦敦楼下18-20店面
Tel: 0592-5108008
Posted On 27 Feb 2013

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