Sailing clubs in Xiamen

Updated: 22 Nov 2013
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xiamen sailing
Sailing in Xiamen (File photo)
With the reputation of 'Garden on the Sea', Xiamen enjoys a great environment for sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing thanks to year-round great weather and coastal waters.
There are many sailing clubs in the city where windsurfing and sailing courses as well as equipment hire are available. 
1) Xiamen Ironrock Sailing Club 
Founded in 2002 by Mr. Wei Jun, Xiamen Ironrock Sailing Club is one of the earliest private sailing clubs in China. The club is based in Xiamen’s scenic Wuyuan Bay Marina.
To date, Xiamen Ironrock Sailing Club has successfully hosted seven sessions of the China Club Challenge Match, which is the premier Chinese sailing event for Chinese sailors, two sessions of Xiamen-Hong Kong Sailing Rally, and six sessions of the Xiamen Kayak Marathon.
On 3rd November, 2011, a round-the-world sailing event was launched by Xiamen Ironrock Sailing Club, with 8 sailors embarking on a 23,000 nautical-mile voyage on the ‘Xiamen’ sailboat.
As the first Chinese sailboat traveling round the geographical shape of the Earth to attempt the feat, the "Xiamen" sailboat beat all odds to pass through the two world's most dangerous capes, Cape Horn and The Cape of Good Hope, and stop at the Philippines, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand and Chile during its 9-month round-the-world voyage.
Add: No. 3 Building, Section C, Wuyuan Bay Commercial Street, Xiamen厦门五缘湾商业街C区3号楼
Tel: 400-661-8282
2) Xiamen Sea Knight Outdoor Sports Club
Xiamen Sea Knight Outdoor Sports Club is an outdoor sports club which regularly organizes kayaking, sailing, hot air ballooning and many other outdoor sport activities. The club’s professional coaching team has developed a number of bases for operations in Xiamen, including a leisure sports base on Crocodile Islet and a hot air balloon camping base on Lianhua Mountain in Tong’an District.
Add: No. 581, West Section, 3F, Mingfa Commercial Mall, Xiamen厦门明发商业广场3楼西区581号
Tel: 13859905687
3) Xiamen Wuyuan Bay Sailing Club
Wuyuan Bay Sailing Club is a project invested in by Xiamen Road and Bridge Construction Company, a fully state owned enterprise. Its aim is to be a first-class marine club which is competitive in the sailing field. The club provides leisure sailing, sailboat docking and maintenance services, and is committed to organizing sailing competitions, sailing training and other services. Another of its aims is to promote networking and friendships amongst its members, and ultimately help them create business opportunities.
Services provided by Wuyuan Bay Sailing Club:
1) Offer leisure sailing, sailboat docking and maintenance services
2) Organize sailing competitions, sailing training, sailboat sales and sailing experience
3) Provide club facilities, including hosting sailing and boating conferences, offer cigars, alcohol and other beverages and food
4) Show and sell sailing boats, other kinds of boats, related goods and services
5) Organize regular conferences for members
6) Provide a platform to facilitate communication between members
Add: No.4 Building, Wuyan Bay Marina, Xiamen厦门五缘湾帆船港4号楼
Tel: 0592-5571855
Fax: 0592-5799163
4) Xiamen Xiangshan International Yacht Club
Xiangshan International Yacht Club is located at Xiangshan Harbor Shelter on the east of Xiamen Island and lies within the coastal tourism and sightseeing area, separated from Lesser Quemoy Island by only 4 nautical miles. The project faces the International Convention Centre and International Tennis Centre in the west, neighbours Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Centre in the south, and is only 10 minutes’ drive from Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport.
The project was built by reclaiming land from the sea, and it boasts a total of 700,000 m² of sea area along with the land area reclaimed from the sea of 250,000 m². The project includes eight parts: Xiangshan International Yacht Club, the International Yacht Conference & Exhibition Centre, VIP comprehensive rooms, private berths, a yacht technical service area, Xiangshan CBD centre/super Class-5A office building/super five star platinum hotel, a waterfront business street and an international cruise terminal.
Xiangshan International Yacht Club, which is the biggest yacht club in Asia at present and the first top-grade comprehensive tourist property project integrating leisure, fitness, tourism, business and shopping in Xiamen, is one of the biggest and most important projects in the city.
Add: Xiangshan Harbor, Huandao Road, Xiamen 厦门市环岛路香山海岸
Tel: 0592-8121111
5) Xiamen Fengshui Sailing Club & Resort
Also boasting a windsurfing club, Xiamen Fengshui Sailing Club & Resort offers great accommodation with wonderful sea views. It houses water sports facilities on-site, a breakfast buffet and free Wi-Fi in all areas.
Fengshui Sailing Club & Resort is a 10-minute drive from Wuyuan Bay Wetland Park and a 20-minute drive from Gulangyu Ferry Terminal. It takes 15 minutes to travel by car to Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport and 20 minutes to Xiamen North Railway Station. Xiamen Railway Station is around 30 minutes’ drive away.
Overlooking the sea, the air-conditioned rooms come with a flat-screen cable TV, a writing desk and an electric kettle. The private bathroom includes a hairdryer, shower facilities and free toiletries.
For those who love sports, playing a game of table tennis or billiards is also an option if you've had enough of windsurfing. After an exciting surf, relaxing on the terrace is the perfect way to regain your strength. There is also a Mahjong room available for guests.
Address: A6, Section A, Phase II of Wuyuan Bay Commercial Street, Xiamen厦门五缘湾特色商业街二期A区A7幢
Tel: 0592-2350058/5800881
6) Xiamen Hybrid Sailing Club
Xiamen Hybrid Sailing Club was founded in October 2008 and is located on Huandao Road or the Round Island Road.
The club offers professional kitesurfing training and equipment leasing/maintenance for kitesurfing, windsurfing and related services such as rescue etc. Full sets of kitesurfing equipment are provided including kitesurfing harnesses, kites for training, 9 meter kites, 12 meter kites, surfboards, life jackets and helmets.
Address: Huandao Nan Road, near Rasa Sayang.
Telephone: 13959211005
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