Public-bike sharing system in Xiamen's Haicang District

Updated: 10 Dec 2013
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If you’re looking for somewhere to escape from the stresses of daily life and don’t want to stay on the crowded Xiamen Island, the off-island Haicang District is where you can consider spending your weekend trying out the first public-bike sharing system in Xiamen.

The system was officially launched in September this year, with 4 stops, 200 bicycles and more than 20 km of cycle tracks along the coastal Haicang Avenue and beautiful Haicang Lake.

Haicang Urban Construction Group, which is responsible for the construction of the public bike system, is currently implementing Phase II of the project, which will see 11 more stops, 1,000 more bikes be put into use and the cycle tracks extended to 40 km. A Phase III and phase IV will be implemented successively. 

The friendly-designed bicycle 
The pubic bicycle in Haicang features a bright red color like that of the phoenix flower, making them very eye-catching on the road. It is shaft-driven and uses solid tires so you don’t have to worry about such problems as loose chains or flat tires.

The bicycle boasts many friendly designs. It has a strong steel basket in front for riders to store their items, a bell next on the right side of the handlebar, an adjustable seat that can be pulled up or lowered to meet each rider’s height, and a bicycle lock tied to the handlebar. The key to the lock can only be pulled out when it’s locked.

There are many types of bikes to choose from, including one seat, two seats, three seats and mother-and-child bicycle. 

How to rent and return a bicycle 

The bicycle stop has a self-help vending machine and a screen on which you can check how long you have rent the bicycle and other information about the public-bike sharing system
To use the bicycle-sharing system, you need to apply for a specially-designed public bicycle e-tong card with your ID card, passport, social security card or other ID document. The card requires a 430 Yuan deposit plus another 50 Yuan minimum for your first charge. So you need to prepare a total of 480 Yuan for the card.

Currently, only the following 4 stops accept card applications: California Coast stop (加州海岸), Aluohai City Plaza stop (阿罗海城市广场站), Zhongjun Tianfeng stop (中骏天峰站) and Zhongjun Haian Yihao stop (中骏海岸一号站). The workers will give you the e-tong card and a receipt. Take good care of the receipt because you’ll need them when you want to return your card.

Now you can only use the specially designed public bicycle e-tong card to access the system, but the workers said at the beginning of next year the system will be upgraded to support the normal e-tong cards you use to take buses.
After you have got the public bicycle e-tong card, you can simply tap the card on the top of the smart parking stake to rent a bicycle, and return it by putting the bicycle back at the parking stake at any of the stops and swipe your card again.

The bicycle costs 1,580 Yuan. In cases of damage or missing bicycles, the renter will be required to pay the losses. 
How much does it cost to rent a bicycle?
For a one-seat bicycle, the first hour of use is free, followed by 1 Yuan ($0.16) for the following first hour, 2 Yuan the second hour, and 2 Yuan each subsequent hour.

For two-seat bicycles, the first 30 minutes of use is free, followed by 15 Yuan ($2.42) for the next 30 minutes, and 5 Yuan each subsequent 30-minute interval.

For three-seat bicycles, the first 30 minutes of use is free, followed by 20 Yuan ($3.23) for the next 30 minutes, and 10 Yuan each subsequent 30-minute interval.

If a renter is caught with the following violations: not returning a bicycle within 24 hours or not reporting to the operator if the bicycle is lost 3 times, he will be required to pay the losses, and also be blacklisted, resulting in a ban from using the system. 

Recommended route 

The most recommended route is the one around the vast Haicang Lake and the coastal Haicang Avenue.

You can rent a public bicycle at Aluohai City Plaza, cycle south to the Haicang sports center stop, Zhongjun Tianfeng stop, then cycle along the coastal Haicang Avenue, turn left at Zhongjun Haian Yihao stop, and then ride along the north Haicang Lake, to California Coast stop, Neihu Park stop, Haicang administration center, and return to Aluohai City Plaza.

You’ll see the modern face of Haicang on this route, and the beautiful sceneries in Haicang Lake and Haicang Avenue. Real estate projects, skyscrapers, Haicang sports center, Southeast China International Shipping Center and other projects are under construction along the vast lake.

You can have meals, go shopping, watch movies and enjoy other services a city should offer at the newly-put into use Aluohai City Plaza, which faces Haicang Lake and boasts a nice shopping and dining environment. 

Haicang Public Bike-sharing System
Operator: Haicang Urban Construction Group
Contact numbers: 0592-6880628 6880625
Bike stop working hours: 8:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. 2:30 p.m.-17:00 p.m. 
SOURCE: WOX Info by Roland Su
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