Furong Tunnel in XMU: The most artistic graffiti tunnel in China

Updated: 26 Dec 2013
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The Furong Tunnel at Xiamen University (Xià Dà Fúróng Suìdào, 厦大芙蓉隧道), a 1,000 m-long tunnel stretching from the university's main campus to the outlying dorms, is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the university, being famous for the numerous murals and paintings drawn on the white walls of the tunnel.

The university dug the tunnel in 2005 to provide a shortcut for the students to go through the Shi Hill, or Lion Hill, to reach the main campus from their outlying dorms in the Zeng Cuo An area. The tunnel, which was completed in 2007, is about 1,000 metres long, 8 metres wide and 4.5 metres high.

At first, it was just a dark and boring tunnel like others in China. But the creative students found a way to make the trek down this tunnel more interesting. The white walls of the tunnel are now dotted with beautiful murals and paintings depicting cultural icons, historical events, political messages and personal monuments to friends and classmates.

For this reason, the tunnel is also hailed as the most artistic graffiti tunnel among Chinese universities, attracting lots of tourists every day. Visitors are often amused by the exaggerated modeling of the cartoon figures in the colorful murals and paintings and their characteristic words.

Every a few days or months, new paintings will appear on the walls, covering the old ones. The tunnel has become a platform for the students to show off their creativity and exchange their ideas.

The artistic tunnel saw the addition of a coffee bar in April this year. Hand-drawn maps, post cards and other interesting items are sold in the bar run by the university’s students.

How to get there by bus: Take bus No. 659, 22, 29, 47, 48, 86, 87, 2, 96, 112, 857, 20, 751, 122, 310, 135, 57, and get off at Xiada Baicheng stop.







SOURCE: WOX Info by Roland Su
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