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Updated: 10 Jan 2014
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We have a several professional multilingual teams who are versed in Chinese, English, Japanese and other languages. Written translation with legal documents, notary documents, business documents, business articles, professional resumes, and others are our fortitude. We can also provide oral translations on the spot. If you have business conferences, business presentations, business negotiations, and other cross lingual activities, our professional team can assist you.


We also have professional staff that can assist you if you are doing business in China, especially in Xiamen, Sanya and Ningbo. Our staff can accompany you to trade shows or professional meetings. If you wish to travel in Xiamen, Sanya, Ningbo or go to tourism spots, we have professional tour guides who are qualified to accompany international travelers.


If you require assistance in export and import, Apple Travel & Living has professional staff that can assist you all the way.


We can provide various services for:
• Cross lingual services
• Notarization of documents
• Business meetings
• Export & import assistance
• Consultancy on foreign investment
• Document writing and other office assistance
• Company registration
• Marketing consultancy
• Driver license
• Commercial insurance
• Currency exchange and assistance
Apple Travel & Living is collaborating with WOX Team, WOS Team and WON Team, they are professional teams in Xiamen, Sanya, Ningbo and other cities in China. 



Aily Yang

Shop20, Guanren Rd, Siming District, Xiamen

+86 153 5925 8086


SOURCE: WOX Team for Apple Travel & Living

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